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1. Organized Peoples of Chiapas against the extractive model– A joint statement from 20 Chiapas organizations involved in resisting dispossession and environmental damage due to mining, mega-projects and the capitalist extractive model. Some of these organizations are members of the CNI and the CIG and are, therefore, adherents to the EZLN’s 6th Declaration.

En español:

2. Women a key piece in capitalist exploitationLa Jornada reports on a talk given by Mercedes Olivera Bustamonte, an important women’s rights advocate in Chiapas. She discusses the changing roles of poor women in Latin America in today’s capitalist society.

En español: 2018/04/27/politica/014n2pol

3. Collapse– Gilberto López y Rivas discusses a book by Carlos Taibo, “Collapse: Terminal capitalism, eco-social transition, eco-fascism.” This book was mentioned various times by Sup Galeano during the recent roundtable at Cideci in Chiapas. Consequently, it has become very popular among folks in CNI and CIG circles. This article is an interesting read!

En español: 2018/05/18/opinion/016a2pol

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