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Zapatista News & Analysis

1. The Mexican government opens the door to the private concession of protected waters– The Mexican government issued new water decrees that would impact a large amount of the surface water in Mexico and could harm indigenous communities. This issue will become more and more contentious in the coming months.

En español: internacional/2018/06/19/mexico/1529362972_165665.html

2. EZLN: Invitation to a Big August Zapatista Gathering – Set against a backdrop of the World Cup and with an analysis of López Obrador’s victory in Mexico’s presidential elections, the EZLN issues a communiqué and an invitation to a Big August Zapatista celebration.

En español:

3. EZLN denies having contact with AMLO – After Father Solalinde informed the press that he had a meeting with some Zapatistas and had delivered a letter to them from president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the EZLN issued a comunicado stating that they have had no such contact.

En español:

4. It’s capitalism!– Gilberto López y Rivas has written various articles for La Jornada examining the significance of AMLO’s victory in Mexico’s July 1 presidential elections. In this one he clearly identifies the essential difference that those below have with AMLO: capitalism and the corporate exploitation of natural resources and indigenous lands.

En español: 2018/07/06/opinion/019a1pol

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