Zapatista News & Analysis from Chiapas Support Committee/Comité de Apoyo a Chiapas

On August 3, 4 and 5, the Zapatistas held a meeting of the networks that support the Indigenous Governing Council. Next, they celebrated CompArte and the 15th Anniversary of the Caracoles & Juntas from August 6 to 9. Both meetings were held in the Caracol of Morelia. Below are the words that Sup Moisés and Sup Galeano spoke in the closing ceremonies.

1. EZLN: 300, Part I: A Plantation, a World, a War, a Few Probabilities Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés, SupGaleano– Sup Moisés explains how the global economic system is like a finca (plantation) and Sup Galeano discusses how predatory capitalism organizes global society today.

En español:

2. EZLN: 300, Part II: A Continent as a Backyard– The full title of Part II is: “A Continent as a Backyard, A Country as a Cemetery, Unique Thought as a Government Program, and a Small, Very Small, Ever So Small Rebellion.” In it, the Subcomandantes address the so-called progressive governments, their downfalls, their rightwing successors, “Left extractivism,” the capitalist machine and the indigenous peoples, and their resistances.

En español:

3. EZLN: 300: Part2: A Challenge, Real Autonomy, An Answer, Multiple Proposals, and a Few Anecdotes about the Number 300 – This third part of the words the Subcomandantes spoke in Morelia. It distinguished between official autonomy and real autonomy. Importantly, the EZLN proposes for discussion that the CIG (Indigenous Governing Council) no longer be just for indigenous people! If approved at the December Gathering, the CIG would be for all people that “resist and rebel in each and every corner of the world…”

En español:

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