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Zapatista News & Analysis

1. Governors offer AMLO support for the Maya Train project– At a meeting with these governors AMLO said that along the train’s route they will implement a reforestation program by planting 50,000 hectares of fruit and timber trees.

En español:

2. Chiapas Earthquake victims claim abandonment by federal and state authorities– One year after the 8.2-magnitude earthquake, Chiapas victims says they have not received the funds promised to rebuild and/or repair their damaged homes and many schools have not been rebuilt or repaired.

En español:

3. Frantz Fanon: from decolonization to critical thought– “One must put oneself on the side of the oppressed in any circumstance, even when they are wrong, without losing sight, however, that they are made of the same clay as their oppressors. Emil Cioran.” This is a must read!

En español:

4. Fulfill the San Andrés Accords? – López y Rivas spells of precisely what the new administration would have to do to fulfill the San Andrés Accords

En español:

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