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1. An invitation to: “The Impossible Movie Theater”– On behalf of the EZLN, Sup Galeano invites everyone to the 1st Zapatista film festival in Chiapas from November 1-5, 2018. According to this invite, it will be held in both Oventik and Cideci and is expected to be an annual event.

En español:

2. EZLN: Declaration from the 2nd National Assembly of the CNI-CIG– “We bring you this urgent message because as original peoples our struggle against the profound sickness caused by capitalism means that we must weave life––this is the task given us by our ancestors.”

En español:

3. Migrant caravan breaks through Mexico’s fence– An on the ground report of one of the migrant caravans crossing from Guatemala into Chiapas, Mexico, in the rain and sweltering heat, waiting for Mexico’s immigration authorities to process their travel permits.

En español:

4. Pablo González Casanova urges converting dreams into reality – González Casanova spoke at an international congress called “Thinking with Marx today.” He talked about the 1968 student movement and the change in values it brought and said we are now heirs of that revolution. His points reported in this article provoke thought.

En español:

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