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1. Happy Holidays to all our Friends and Supporters! Thank you for attending our events, participating in our classes, reading our news and contributing to our work in Chiapas. We hope you enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.

2. Support Zapatista Parents Build Schools for their ChildrenThe Chiapas Support Committee’s annual fundraising letter asks you to make a dream come true for Zapatista parents and children by making a donation to the Las Garrucha Education Fund, a fund to help finance the construction of 4 autonomous middle schools in the La Garrucha region, one in each of the 4 municipalities that comprise the region.

Zapatista News & Analysis

1. Invitation to the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Zapatista Uprising and to a Gathering of Networks – This EZLN communiqué gives details about the New Years Eve celebration of the 25th Anniversary and the Gathering of support networks that precedes it. The communiqué includes a link for registration.

En español:

2. The historical meanings of the Kurdish revolution – Gilberto López y Rivas describes how the the revolutionary experience of the Kurdish people, particularly in Rojava (northern Syria), with what is called Democratic Confederalism, together with the autonomous governments of the Zapatista Mayas of the EZLN in Chiapas, constitute highly advanced alternative emancipatory processes. This is an important piece!

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3. A qualitative leap in the storms– Raúl Zibechi uses the recent California fires as an example of the storms caused by climate change. He also discusses other examples and then spells out ways that we are destroying the environment and thereby causing the storms.

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4. The Maya Train will destroy the last lung of the Mexican Southeast – A Chiapas professor explains the environmental and cultural damage that the Maya Train (Tren Maya) can cause and exposes the enormous scope of this mega-tourism and real estate project.

En español:

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