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1. Industrializing: the plan for Tehuantepec – This report announces the Mexican government’s intention to replace the Special Economic Zones, which apparently were not very popular, with six industrial parks located on land across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. A railroad train would cut across the Isthmus transporting freight from the port of Coatzacoalcos on the Gulf of Mexico of Veracruz to the port of Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, on the Pacific Ocean, thus creating an alternative to the Panama Canal. A graphic shows that the entire industrial area would affect 46 municipalities of Oaxaca and 33 in Veracruz with 11 indigenous and Afro-Mexican peoples living there. The plan also includes tax breaks for corporations. The CNI-CIG and the EZLN have denounced this project and I think it’s safe to anticipate strong resistance.

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2. Farewell to neoliberalism?Raúl Romero discusses whether AMLO’s decree that neoliberalism is ended in Mexico is realistic by examining the structural (legal) adjustments that were made to accommodate neoliberalism. Sadly, he concludes that AMLO’s declaration is not correct. This is an excellent article!

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3. CNI-CIG-EZLN Call to Join the Campaign for Life, Peace and Justice in the Mountains of Guerrero– The Zapatistas and the CNI-CIG make a call for donations of food, medicine and money for the CIPOG-EZ communities that are currently surrounded by the narco-paramilitaries that murdered 4 of its members in May. A Caravan will leave Mexico City for Chilapa on July 12 with the food, medicine and money collected.

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4. Individualized Support: counterinsurgency or social containment?– Peter Rosset discusses the consequences of AMLO’s new plan to give individual members of social organizations cash support through bank cards, rather than giving the money to their social organization to distribute as has been the past practice.

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5. Kana’antik k-lu’umo’ob: The Maya Horizon– Francisco López Bárcenas reports on meetings of Mayas and their social and cultural organizations held on the Yucatan Peninsula to analyze and express their resistance to the Maya Train. An important article!

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