Zapatista News & Analysis

1. The family of Toñito will seek extradition of US agent that killed him– A16-year-old Mexican boy was walking home in the border town of Nogales, Mexico when he was shot by a US Border Patrol agent, who was on duty at the time. The boy’s name was José Antonio Elena Rodriguez, affectionately known as “Toñito.” Since his death, the family has tried to obtain justice, which has been denied in the United States. So, family members now hope the new government in Mexico will seek the agent’s extradition to Mexico. Award-winning La Jornada journalist Blanche Petrich pens a comprehensive and interesting article about this tragic case.

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2. CIPOG—EZ denounces murdersThe CIPOG-EZ denounces more murders and threats against its promoters and delegates to the CNI and says impunity, corruption and omission continue at all 3 levels of government. This communiqué describes the murders, threats and general situation in the municipality of Chilapa, Guerrero, where 6 CIPOG-EZ members have been murdered between May and July.

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3. CNI-CIG: 4 more dead in Guerrero, caravan suspended– The CNI-CIG denounces that 4 more members of the CIPOG-EZ have been murdered in Chilapa, Guerrero by the same narco-paramilitaries that murdered 4 of its members in May. Consequently, it announces the suspension of the caravan to Chilapa. They also urge supporters to continue contributing food, medical supplies and money for the CIPOG-EZ communities.

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4. AMLO in Guadalupe Tepeyac– AMLO sends message to the Zapatistas expressing his respect for the rebels and calls for unity. Luis Hernández Navarro reminds us of the historical importance of Guadalupe Tepeyac to the EZLN.

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5. Surrendering to la migra, “the new normal” at the southern border of Chiapas– Hermann Bellinghausen reports from Tapachula, Chiapas that the National Guard apprehends migrants who cross into Mexico at the official border station and are forced to surrender to immigration authorities.

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