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The Zapatistas issued a series of communiqués during August leading up to the August 17 announcement of their 3rd expansion of autonomy. Below are links to these communiqués on our Compañero Manuel blog..

1. Communiqué from the EZLN’s CCRI—CG And, We Broke the Siege – After more than 7 months of reporting on the increased militarization and para-militarization of Zapatista Territory, the EZLN commanders make the exciting announcement that the Zapatistas created 7 new Caracoles and 4 new autonomous municipalities (municipios). In this 5th and final communiqué the commanders also inform us that there will be a gathering in October, that CompArte and the Film Festival will resume, as well as seminars and meetings; and, we will hear from the Zapatista women. This indicates that more communiqués are forthcoming. An important communiqué!

En español:

2. Sonata for Violin in G Minor: MONEYIn the 4th communiqué, Sup Galeano discusses how MONEY buys souls, and also the new assistance programs of the Fourth Transformation government – the so-called 4T. A link to the videos is enclosed at the end of the communiqué.

En español:

3. Adagio—Allegro Molto in E Minor: A Possible Reality (from the Notebook of the Cat-Dog) – The 3rd communiqué in the series is a humorous essay by Galeano about the current president of Mexico and his government, the Fourth Transformation (4T). Videos attached by Pink Floyd, Kansas and Panteón Rococo.

En español:

4. The Overture: Reality as enemy– This is the second in the recent series of communiqués from the EZLN, also signed by Sup Galeano. He talks about how the media, including social media, make it possible to create a reality different than that experienced by those below. There is also a note from the cat-dog and a link to some videos.

En español:

5. EZLN: The Opening Act– After “testing… testing…” etcetera, Sup Galeano says the Zapatista communities reappear. This is, as the title indicates, the first of many comunicados in the series that analyzes the current situation in Mexico and announces new Caracoles and autonomous councils in Chiapas. The communiqué includes 3 videos by Nirvana, Ojos de Pancha and AC/DC

En español:

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