Zapatista News & Analysis

1. An invitation to Build Community-to-Community Solidarity & Justice– As the Zapatistas celebrate the 26th Anniversary of their Uprising, we ask each of you to remember that the new Caracoles and autonomous municipios (counties) have asked all their supporters for solidarity, either in the form of donated building materials, labor or economic solidarity. Most of us here in the US can only provide the economic solidarity, so we’re inviting you to make a donation to the construction of autonomy in the new Centers of Resistance and Rebellion, as the Zapatistas are now calling their Caracoles and autonomous municipios.

2. Zapatista Women’s Gathering Begins – Zapatista women hosted the Second International Gathering of Women who Struggle from December 26-29, 2019 in the Caracol of Morelia. Comandanta Amada and the Zapatista women called to conquer the right to life in front of 5,000 feminists: “ The right to life and all the rights we deserve and need will not be given to us by anyone, nor by the capitalist system through the many laws and promises that it makes, but rather we must conquer them all the time and in all places…” If you’re in the Bay on February 8, join us for A Report Back from the Zapatista Women’s Gathering (See above under Activities.

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3. Report from the EZLN-CNI Forum in Defense of Territory and Mother EarthFor 2 days (December 21 and 22) the EZLN and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) held this Forum in San Cristóbal de Las Casas at Cideci (now the Jacinto Canek Caracol). They discussed how they can organize against the capitalist projects that threaten their territory and Mother Earth and how they organize against these projects. They also agreed to form an economy parallel to that of capitalism. Informative article.

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4. The Whale Dances – In a communiqué from the Sixth Commission of the EZLN, Sup Galeano (formerly Marcos) describes the different dance styles performed at Dance Another World (CompArte for Dance) in the new Caracol of Jacinto Canek (Cideci). The Festival took place from December 15-20, 2019.

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5. What is the gringo’s interest in Sonora: drugs or lithium? – This article explores why Trump was so anxious to send security forces to Sonora following the murders of people with dual US-Mexican citizenship in northern Sonora. Was it because of organized crime gangs connected to drug cartels (blamed for the murders) or the large deposits of lithium? Very interesting article!

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6. A Whale in the mountains of the Mexican Southeast – Sup Galeano describes the scenario for the PUY TA CUXLEJALTIC Zapatista Film Festival, held from December 7-14 in the new Caracoles of Tulan Ka’u and Jacinto Canek.

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