Zapatista News & Analysis

1. Words of the CCRI of the EZLN on the 26th Anniversary– At the 26th Anniversary celebration, Subcomandante Moisés asked the Zapatistas in attendance if they were willing to die in order to defend their autonomous territory. They ALL said YES! This and much more make this an important communiqué to read.

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2.Words of the Zapatista Women at the Opening of the Second International Women’s Gathering– Zapatista women hosted the Second International Gathering of Women who Struggle from December 26-29, 2019 in the Caracol of Morelia. Comandanta Amada and the Zapatista women called to conquer the right to life in front of 5,000 feminists: “ The right to life and all the rights we deserve and need will not be given to us by anyone, nor by the capitalist system through the many laws and promises that it makes, but rather we must conquer them all the time and in all places…” If you’re in the Bay on February 8, join us for A Report Back from the Zapatista Women’s Gathering (See above under Activities).

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3. Zapatista Women close Women’s Gathering with a proposalThe Women’s Gathering focused on violence against women. In keeping with that theme, in the closing communiqué, signed by Comandanta Yesica, the Zapatista women propose an International Day of Action to protest that violence on March 8, 2020.

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4. Zapatistas call to confront the “Fourth Annihilation” with the exercise of autonomies – This is a really good article by Isaín Mandujano, a Chiapas journalist. He records what various Zapatistas said about their autonomous processes and resistance at the Forum in Defense of Land and Territory.

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