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1. Pandemic: 16 million indigenous people in absolute vulnerability– This is a comprehensive look at what indigenous peoples face in one of Mexico’s most impoverished regions. Interviews with Carlos González of the CNI-CIG and Abel Barrera of the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center.

En español:

2. Coronavirus and imperial piracy– True to the prediction that capitalism will seek to use the pandemic in favor of its class interests, Luis Hernández Navarro writes: “While countries like Cuba selflessly send medical brigades to many countries to combat the pandemic, the imperial governments reproduce the old capitalist piracy.”

En español:

3. Necropolitics, collapse and the coronavirus– Gilberto López y Rivas connects the idea that capitalism will seek to use the pandemic in favor of its class interests with the Zapatista communiqué discussing the response of the political class to the pandemic. (There’s an interesting footnote about Sup Galeano.)

En español:

4. Cuba and the coronavirus– Luis Hernández Navarro writes about the Cuban medical team that went to Italy to help fight the outbreak of Covid-19, and all the health solidarity Cuban medical teams have offered to countries around the world over the years, despite the “inhumane and illegal” United States embargo.

En español:

5. Coronavirus: militarization of the crisisRaúl Zibechi discusses the possible implications for everyone of the social control measures used in China to thwart the coronavirus.

En español:

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