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Zapatista News & Analysis

1. Campaign for Las Abejas: End the Famine– Please open your heart to feed displaced members of Las Abejas (The Bees), a Tsotsil campesino organization that is an adherent to the Zapatistas’ 6th Declaration and a member of the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Governing Council. According to the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba), 3,304 members of Las Abejas of Acteal are on the verge of famine. Frayba is asking for national and international civil society to make solidarity contributions to alleviate the hunger. Las Abejas is the indigenous campesino organization that suffered the massacre of 45 women, children and men due to a December 22, 1997 paramilitary attack. They are now displaced from their homes and lands and again under attack from paramilitary-style groups and they need our support.

2. The San Mateo del Mar Massacre – Luis Hernández Navarro discusses the June 21 murder of 17 indigenous Ikoot residents of San Mateo del Mar. A criminal group committed the massacre. Apparently, organized crime has obtained a foothold in the region and in local government, while corporations seeking to impose a wind energy megaproject are also exerting influence on local government. The perfect neoliberal storm!

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3. A Federal judge suspends work on Section 1 of the Maya Train– The same federal judge in Chiapas who granted the preliminary suspension of work on the Maya Train granted a permanent suspension on June 22, despite having her original decision overturned by a federal appeals court. She granted the permanent suspension to the Maya Ch’ol people of Palenque, Salto de Agua and Ocosingo, Chiapas. The permanent suspension is based on health concerns during the Covid-19 outbreak in Chiapas. The court prioritized the right to life. The suspension only applies to Section 1, the Palenque-Escárcega stretch of the Maya Train.

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4. The popular movement resists the narco– Armed criminals who define themselves as “Colombians” are harassing and threatening the Acapatzingo Housing Community in the Iztapalapa delegation (Mexico City), where 596 families live. It’s one of the popular movements that for decades has been struggling for housing, with eight housing nuclei in the city that belong to the Francisco Villa Popular Organization of the Independent Left (OPFVII, its initials in Spanish). Raúl Zibechi describes how the housing community organized to resist the drug trafficking group.

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5. The anti-capitalist left, neither liberal nor conservative Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and some in his administration consistently refer to the Zapatistas and indigenous territory defenders, as well as supporters of the EZLN and the CNI-CIG, as “conservatives” because they oppose the Maya Train and the Trans-Isthmus Corridor, claiming that these anti-capitalists are conservative because they oppose progress. Gilberto López Y Rivas addresses and debunks this political rhetoric.

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