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Wednesday, August 26, 2020 – CompArte 2020: Shelter in Art – This year, the Chiapas Support Committee presents our 5th Annual Emiliano Zapata Community Festival in a series of 3 online gatherings. The first virtual gathering is on Wednesday, August 26. Read about how you can participate in CompArte here:

Zapatista News & Analysis

There is cause for concern about what’s going on in Chiapas right now, perhaps cause for alarm! To at least some of us who vividly recall the lead-up to the Acteal Massacre, the present reminds us all too painfully of the past. Below are articles that detail the attacks, remind us of similarities to Acteal and report on one dead and one injured in Santa Martha and a l3-yea old shot in the face and shoulder, as well as extreme poverty and famine. Those affected are Civil Society Las Abejas of Acteal, civilian Zapatistas and non-Zapatistas belonging to various political parties. Press coverage in Mexico is widespread and daily, as if in anticipation of an even bigger story to come. (Compañero Manuel Blog Admin)

1. One dead and one injured as armed attacks persist in Chiapas; they fear another Acteal This post consists of 2 short articles reporting on the death of a man in central Santa Martha, Chenalhó, and the injury of another man in the same place, as well as a second article reporting the persistence of attacks on communities in Aldama municipality. Apparently, the government is accepting the line that both sides are shooting at each other, which Aldama denies. The first article, by Hermann Bellinghausen, who wrote a book on the Acteal Massacre, concludes with: “The strategic attack patterns that preceded the 1997 Acteal Massacre are repeated.”

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2. Chiapas municipality suffers 30 armed attacks in three daysAldama municipality in the Chiapas Highlands is under almost constant armed attack from paramilitaries in Chenalhó municipality. “It’s not about one more dispute between campesino communities. The attackers possess high-caliber weapons and explosives, and are the direct heirs of the paramilitaries that perpetrated the Acteal Massacre in 1997; many paid with prison, but were never disarmed, and throughout all these years they have attacked members of Las Abejas de Acteal, Zapatista support bases and other political or religious groups in Aldama, Chalchihuitán and Chenalhó itself on different occasions. It is known that new and powerful weapons have been added to those weapons.”

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3. Zapatista coffee growers under attack in Chiapas– The conflict in Aldama has caused, in total and as of the date of this article, 7 deaths, 19 injuries from bullet wounds and some 2,000 people that constantly have to “intermittently” displace themselves. In other words, when the shooting starts they hide in the mountains, in a relative’s house or in shelters, and they return to their homes when calm returns. The paramilitaries shoot from Santa Martha, in Chenalhó municipality, at both the Zapatistas and non-Zapatistas alike in a dispute allegedly over 148 acres of land.

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4. Indigenous in Aldama, Chiapas, between famine and gunfire – “More than 2,000 indigenous Tsotsiles from Aldama municipality sleep and wake amidst the fear of an ambush. They have written down in a notebook the 98 times they have been shot at during the last three months from a mountain adjacent to their land. In the face of the indifference of the authorities, on July 14th humanitarian organizations brought some beans and corn, because the famine is already reflected in their bodies.” This in-depth article from a Chiapas journalist describes the hunger, the conflict and the organizations taking food to the displaced people of Aldama: Frayba and FIISANIM.

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5. Paramilitaries shoot a teenager in Aldama, Chiapas – On Friday, July 17, the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba) reported that paramilitaries shot and wounded 13-year old María Luciana Lunes Pérez while she was at home working on her loom in the community of Koko in the municipality of Aldama. She received injured to her face and shoulder. The shots came from the Santa Martha ejido in Chenalhó municipality, which is home to paramilitaries that mount armed attacks that displace people in Aldama from their homes. María Luciana received medical treatment in the Hospital of Cultures in San Cristóbal de las Casas.
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6. 74 Armed attacks against families displaced from Aldama, Chachihuitán and Chenalhó– In a joint press conference Pedro Faro, Frayba’s director, and Ofelia Medina, an actress and activist, detail the number of forcibly displaced persons in each of the 3 Chiapas municipalities named in the title. They also list the organizations representing those displaced in each of the 3 municipalities: 1) the Permanent Commission of 115 Comuneros and Displaced Persons of Aldama; 2) Civil Society Las Abejas of Acteal (in Chenalhó); and, 3) the Autonomous Committee of Internally Displaced Chalchihuite (in Chalchihuitán). Ofelia Medina’s organization is the Trust for the Health of the Indigenous Children of Mexico (FISANIM, its Spanish acronym), which is supplying food to those displaced through donations from national and international civil society.

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