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The Chiapas Support Committee sends its most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has expressed their solidarity by signing our protest letter to the Mexican consulate demanding a stop to the paramilitary violence in Chiapas. We also thank those who contributed to our fundraising campaign for Las Abejas. Expressions of solidarity are also coming from other parts of the US and the world and the collective sum of all our solidarity actions matters.

On October 13, members of the Chiapas Support Committee went to the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco to deliver the letter demanding a stop to the paramilitary violence in Chiapas. And, of course, they brought some posters. To our great surprise, the deputy consul general, Guillermo Reyes, actually met with us and listened to our concerns. You can see the letter with signatures and photos here. (Reyes is the man in the black suit.)

Zapatista News & Analysis

The EZLN started releasing a new 6-part communiqué on October 5. So far, 3 parts have been released. In accordance with Zapatista fashion, the 6th part was released first and then the 5th and, finally, the 4th. Links to those 3 parts are provided below.

1. Part Six: A Mountain on the High Seas Subcomandante Moisés announces that the EZLN will travel to continents. The tour will begin in April 2021. The first continent the EZLN delegation will visit is Europe. Their first stop will be in Madrid, Spain. Also, after describing the health measures they have taken to protect themselves from the pandemic, SupMoy reported 12 Zapatista deaths from Coved-19.

En español:

2. Part Five: The Gaze and the Distance to the DoorSubcomandante Galeano suggests that we turn our gaze to what’s happening below, referencing undocumented migrants around the world. He gazes at the murder of Samir Flores Soberanes and the megaprojects of the 4T and talks about our path, which he says is to hand down life. Plus another story from the Cat-Dog and some music videos.

En español:

3. Part Four: Memory of What Is To Come– Old Antonio returns and poetically predicts that the Ruler will invade and cause destruction with machines, But Mother Earth will organize people to resist and prevail over the Ruler. Don Durito de la Lacandona reappears and reminds us that for purposes of struggle, nationality is merely circumstantial. From the Notebook of the Cat-Dog: Part Two: The Canoes. This is a good one from SupGaleano!

En español:

4. The “new” war of Conquest and defense of territory– Raúl Romero analyzes the murder of territory defenders in Mexico, most of them Native peoples. He says it is a “systematic and recurring practice=,” and that the offensive against them is “part of the war over territories that neoliberal capitalism has waged all over the world” in recent years. He also refers to several classic essays from the late Sup Marcos. A good read!

En español:

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