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SYNOPSIS: The Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Earth (FPDT in its Spanish initials) brings together a number of villages and farming communities on the outskirts of Mexico City, including San Salvador Atenco. In 2002 they commenced a process of peasant resistance to the plan for a new airport that would expel them from their land. After an intense process of social mobilization, the airport project was cancelled. After its struggle The FPDT became a national and international reference for Mexican social movements defending their land. On 3 and May 4, 2006 the residents of San Salvador Atenco suffered Mexican state repression that prompted one of the most violent police operations in the country’s history, resulting in the death of two young men, more than 200 arbitrary arrests, gross human rights violations of detainees involving police brutality, torture and sexual abuse of thirty female detainees, and irregularities in the legal process. The repression in the case of San Salvador Atenco has become emblematic as many different human rights documented the violations and disseminated their reports. Even Mexican state agencies such as the Supreme Court have recognized that such violations took place. More than four years after the events, 12 people are still unjustly imprisoned. They are political prisoners of the Mexican state. As part of a national and international campaign called Freedom and Justice for Atenco an ad was posted in a national newspaper in June, to demand their freedom. Before the end of June the Supreme Court’s Office will decide on the release of these 12 prisoners. It is their last legal recourse. It is a turning point. This legal battle is a fight to throw out sentences ranging from 31 to up to 112 years in prison. This is an urgent request for signatures from numerous individuals and organizations, national and international. The legal elements integrated in the text have been endorsed and supported by leading human rights centers such as the Miguel Agustin Pro Juarez Human Rights Center and the Fray Francisco de Vitoria Human Rights Center, as well as specialists from the community of expertise in human rights and democracy in the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences Mexico (FLACSO Mexico). That is why we invite you to sign the text attached below. We hope you can support this process for freedom and justice, and in defense of those fighting for the land.

The People’s Front in Defense of the Land, Relatives of Prisoners and Persecuted, Legal Services, Legal Research, Services and Advice for Peace (Serapaz), Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Human Rights Centre, Women Without Fear, Fray Francisco de Vitoria Human Rights Centre, Comité Cerezo, Romero Committee, Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity, National Center for Social Communication (CENCOS), Youth in Alternative Resistance, Bishop Emeritus Samuel Ruiz Garcia of the Diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas, actress Ofelia Medina, musician Manu Chao, actress Julieta Egurrola, Raul Vera Bishop of the Diocese of Saltillo, Coahuila, academic Adolfo Gilly, actor Daniel Gimenez Cacho, philosopher Luis Villoro, singer Ruben Albarran, rock band Cafe Tacvba, actor Bruno Bichir, Dominican friar Fray Miguel Concha Malo, director of the Center for Human Rights Fray Francisco de Vitoria, Roco Pachukote vocalist of the rock band Maldita Vecindad and children of Quinto Patio, Gilberto López y Rivas, anthropologist, journalist Luis Hernández Navarro, Carlos Fazio, academic Guillermo Almeyra, Los de Abajo ska and rock band, actresses The Queens of Chulas.

Text to sign:

for the 12 prisoners of San Salvador Atenco

To the Ministers of the First Chamber of the Supreme Court:
Jose de Jesus Gudino Pelayo, Olga María del Carmen Sánchez Cordero de García Villegas, Juan N. Silva Meza, Arturo Zaldivar Lelo De Larrea, Jose Ramon Cossio Diaz.

To national and international public opinion.

We know the serious violations of human rights 3 and May 4, 2006 the Mexican government committed in San Salvador Atenco. Following these events 12 people are still in prison. We are concerned that the legal process followed was full of irregularities, it did not respected the principle of presumption of innocence or the guarantees of due process, and the evidence on which their convictions were founded was illegally obtained. We believe that these irregularities negated their right to a fair trial. It is a grave concern that the offense of “kidnapping” which we believe is unconstitutional, can be used to criminalize social demands, and that the justice system and administration was manipulated to criminalise members of the Peoples Front in Defense of Earth. We also know that there is a legal precedent issued by a judicial organ of the Federation, which held that the acts for which Ignacio del Valle, Felipe Álvarez and Héctor Galindo were sentenced do not constitute the crime of kidnapping; we believe that even though such norms are not legally-binding for the Ministers, this precedent, in the interests of legal safety and consistency as well as regarding the wider implications of the case, can not be ignored. Therefore, we call the First Chamber of the Supreme Court to release the 12 prisoners of Atenco.

IMPORTANT NOTE for those appending their signature:

For individual signatures, please include full name, nationality or state of the country, trade or profession.

In the case of signatures from organizations and groups, include the full name of your organization, and country or state of the organization.

Signatures will be accepted until Sunday, June 20 at 24 hrs.


We will send them a copy of the signature and email of everyone who appends their signature.

All information about the case can be found on our campaign page:

Committee for Freedom and Justice for Atenco
People’s Front in Defense of the Land

Visit our blog at:

San Juan Copala: On the second caravan and the autonomous project

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Twenty days after the brutal murder of our comrades ALBERTA CARIÑO TRUJILLO AND JYRI JAAKKOLA, along with others wounded by high-caliber weapons in the hands of groups completely identified with the state, there has been no justice. This impunity has favored this paramilitary group which calls itself a “SOCIAL ORGANIZATION” (UBISORT), so that it again commits another attack against the inhabitants of the AUTONOMOUS MUNICIPALITY, obeying the orders issued from the halls of government, kidnapping on May 14 comrade MARGARITA LOPEZ MARTINEZ and SUSANA MARTINEZ, holding them for approximately two hours during which they received all kinds of threats, and on May 15, this same group, commanded by RUFINO and ANASTACIO JUÁREZ HERNANDEZ, kidnapped twelve inhabitants of the AUTONOMOUS MUNICIPALITY of San Juan Copala for an entire night; during which time they were beaten, threatened and stripped of all their belongings, including the food which they had previously bought in Juxtlahuaca, as well as money, most of it which was to pay for the Opportunities program. They are: FELIPA DE JESÚS SUÁREZ, JOAQUINA VELASCO AGUILERA, MARTIMIANA AGUILERA, ISABEL BAUTISTA RAMÍREZ, MARCELINA RAMÍREZ, LORENA MERINO MARTÍNEZ, LETICIA VELASCO AGUILERA (CHILD), ROSARIO VELASCO ALLENDE (CHILD), JOSEFA RAMIREZ BAUTISTA (CHILD), TWO CHILDREN OF FOUR YEARS OF AGE AND A ONE-YEAR-OLD BABY.


FIRST.- That from this date, as a result of the permanent and continued attacks that have been committed against the population of the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala and those who act in solidarity with us; we are postponing the negotiations that we have been holding before these events, as well as all possible dialogue with the state government, until such a time when it administers justice in a transparent manner against those materially and intellectually responsible for this massacre and ceases to allow, cover up, and conceal the paramilitaries who publicly announce and carry out their threats.

SECOND.- We understand that, as a communal movement which struggles to decide freely, without having to live under the yoke of caciques who manipulate us and live off of our impoverishment, that many times we have made mistakes on our path, not out of malicious intent but out of inexperience. It is because of this that from this date forward we want you to know that all the actions we undertake to consolidate OUR AUTONOMOUS MUNICIPALITY will be determined by OUR COMMUNAL COUNCIL in consultation with the community assemblies; we are now working on the creation of a structure which will be made up of different commissions which we will make you aware of at the appropriate time.

We make clear that this resistance struggle has as its final goal to recuperate our history and culture, with a great respect for our mother earth; to achieve development towards the dignified life that we all desire, where peace and justice reign, which is why our reference point for struggle is without a doubt the ZAPATISTA MOVEMENT, WHICH REACHES ITS UNDERSTANDINGS IN THE GOOD GOVERNMENT COUNCILS, this is what we want for our people and we know that sooner or later we’ll reach that horizon.

Due to this, we call on all our brothers and sisters, indigenous and non-indigenous, who make their struggle as part of the Other Campaign, to accompany us without haggling, on this road that is also the road you walk, and when we are wrong, help us in a fraternal and supportive manner, as we understand that only disinterestedly united, those of us who walk from below and to the left, will we reach the dawn of this long night of pain.

THIRD.- We also make clear that faced with the incessant criminal acts that this group continues carrying out in our communities, with all that it implies, we have decided to issue a new callout for a SECOND CARAVAN OF OBSERVATION AND SOLIDARITY which will travel to San Juan Copala on June 8, 2010 and break the informational, paramilitary, and hunger siege which this group of gunmen has brought upon our community; for this we confirm that we have asked for the help of the DIOCESAN COMMISSION OF JUSTICE AND PEACE and the BARTOLOMÉ CARRASCO BRISEÑO REGIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS CENTER, so that our commission, together with them, may coordinate this event where we will take all the security measures possible and where we will assembly a large number of LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIOAL OBSERVERS, as well as media outlets and comrades who want to act in solidarity with our people, which for many years the people in power have filled with pain and death.

Finally, we want to clarify that some journalists have insisted in making us out to be people who use high-powered weapons. We want to make clear that this is not the case. Because our communal struggle, through a peaceful organization, seeks to do away with the repression, imposition and cruel treatment to which we were subjected, first by the governments and then by “organizations” which, rooted in lies and corruption, have taken from us our word, our decisions and have taken our right to live as first peoples; we don’t have weapons, we don’t need them: we know that with organization and with the solidarity of the people of MEXICO and OF THE WORLD we will soon attain a life of PEACE, with JUSTICE and DIGNITY.

May 18, 2010



Paramilitary Attack on Zapatistas in Bolón Ajaw

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Paramilitary Attack on Zapatistas in Bolón Ajaw

As we reported in our January 2010 Chiapas/Zapatista News Summary, 57 residents of Agua Azul ejido, belonging to the PRI (political party) and suspected of belonging to the Organization for the Defense of Indigenous and Campesino Rights (Opddic, its initials in Spansh), entered Bolón Ajaw Zapatista community on January 21, smoking marijuana and displaying guns. The “Opddicas,” as they are referred to by the Zapatistas, constructed 3 cabins on Bolón Ajaw’s recuperated land.

There is a long-standing history of violence and provocation by the PRI members from Agua Azul ejido in this region. The conflict is about controlling the land. While the PRI members have no legal right to Bolón Ajaw’s land, the Mexican Army and the state government allow them to use any means they see fit to try to take the land away from the Zapatistas. What makes this land so desirable is the spectacular turquoise waterfall located on Bolón Ajaw’s land, located adjacent to the internationally famous tourist attraction, the Agua Azul Cascades (shown above). The PRI members know there is a lot of money to be made from tourism and want to expand their control of the tourist area into Bolón Ajaw. That coincides with the state and federal governments plans for a mega-tourism corridor between Agua Azul and the Palenque Ruins, a majestic Maya archaeological site. As the governments’ plans for developing the region have become known, entry fees collected from tourists have been the cause of numerous clashes between PRI members and Zapatista supporters in the region of the Agua Azul Cascades. The government has promised the PRI members a cut of the profits if they displace the Zapatistas who do not want to make the land part of a tourist project, but want to preserve the natural setting, including the virgin waterfall.

On February 6, armed conflict erupted in and around Bolón Ajaw. According to the government, the end result was 1 PRI member dead from a gunshot wound, some 20+ PRI members injured, many from gunshot wounds, and 7 PRI members detained by the Zapatistas. As if on cue, the PRI members went running to the Attorney General of Chiapas claiming that the Zapatistas mounted an armed attack on them. The Attorney General found it convenient to believe the PRI members and issued press statements accusing the Zapatistas and demanding immediate release of those “kidnapped” (detained).

The Zapatista Good Government Junta in the Caracol of Morelia issued a long state-ment describing and denouncing the incident. The Junta first reminded us that after the January incident in Bolon Ajaw it warned that the Zapatistas would defend the land and its riches. It went on to state that it was the armed Opddic members from Agua Azul ejido who ambushed unarmed Zapatistas and, therefore, it was the armed PRI members who shot wildly and killed one of their own members. 3 Zapatistas were injured by bullets, one gravely. The Junta reported that all those detained were released.

The Junta made a proposal as a basis for dialogue between the parties. The government, however, is insisting that the dialogue be held at the Government Palace in the capital city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez and that Governor Juan Sabines be present to preside over the dialogue. Moreover, the government insists on the presence of a Zapatista from Bolón Ajaw. And, what worries everyone is that government officials are insinuating that if the Zapatistas do not go to the Government Palace, the Army will enter to resolve the problem militarily. The implications of this are ominous.

A truce between the federal Army and the Zapatista Army has existed ever since the 1995 passage of the law promoting peace and dialogue in Chiapas. This has kept both the federal Army and the Zapatista Army from using their weapons. If that law and the truce were deemed broken, the Mexican Army could enter into Zapatista communities to detain people, destroy autonomous institutions (government headquarters, schools, clinics, economic projects) and occupy the communities. Because the state government set such ridiculous conditions for dialogue, the Morelia Junta believes that this is what President Felipe Calderón wants to happen.

The Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba) acted as a “communications bridge” between the government and the Junta, delivering messages back and forth. Frayba issued a statement saying that dialogue was not possible now due to the intense military presence in the zone around Agua Azul and the conditions set by the government. As of February 16, a “large number” of intelligence agents are reportedly operating in the Agua Azul region, some in plain clothes; military helicopters are flying low over the communities; and security forces are stationed in the area, patrolling constantly.

Chiapas Support Committee

P.O. Box 3421, Oakland, CA 94609

(510) 654-9587

Action Alert: Violent Evictions in Chiapas

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Elder Indigenous woman takes part in march for world peace in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico. The Indigenous Peoples’ march was led by Bishop Felipe Arizmendi on March 14, 2003, days before the U.S. began its “official” bombing of Iraq.

Chiapas, Mexico 2003

photo: Langelle/GJEP

This photo is relevant today for many reasons. Next month is the 7th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and even though that war has slowed down, the attack on Afghanistan intensifies. This photograph was also taken just after an emergency delegation went to Chiapas regarding forced evictions of Indigenous communities from the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve in the Lacandon jungle. Today in Chiapas, there are violent evictions taking place in the Lacandon jungle–this time to make room for oil palm plantations.

In 2003:

In March 2003 Orin Langelle travelled to Chiapas on an emergency investigative delegation to look into threatened evictions of Indigenous communities from the Lacandon jungle, and to examine the level of ecological destruction there. Some communities were already relocated. The delegation, including journalists, photographers and organizers, visited threatened communities in the Lacandon, met with organizations working in the region and conducted overflights of the jungle, documenting the ecological damage.

Why the evictions? Conservation International (CI) teamed up with the Mexican government to declare that Indigenous communities, including Zapatista support base communities living in the Monte Azules Integral Biosphere Reserve were destroying it. This provided a supposedly ecological pretext–protection of the Monte Azules–as the reason for evicting these communities.

Our delegation proved that most of the communities had been conducting sustainable organic agriculture in the jungle for years. They outlawed slash and burn farming and practiced regular crop rotation to protect the soil. In fact, we found that it was the military that was causing massive destruction of the rainforest–which we witnessed on our overflight of the jungle.

This developed during the Mexican government’s thrust to push the Plan Puebla Panama mega-development scheme. One of the PPP plans calls for the establishment of new timber plantations in the region.

Now in 2010:

México: Violent evictions in Chiapas for establishing oil palm monocultures

from World Rainforest Movement Bulletin, February 2010,

What follows is a communiqué from the Latin American Network against Monoculture Tree Plantations (RECOMA) reporting on the violent situation that local communities and Indigenous Peoples of the Lacandona forest in Chiapas are presently going through.

Appeal to international solidarity to protect the Lacandona Forest in Chiapas (Mexico), February 2010.

The Latin American Network against Monoculture Tree Plantations (RECOMA) is hereby denouncing the arbitrary treatment suffered by various communities in the Lacandona forest, in the area declared as the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, in the State of Chiapas, Mexico.

Last January, the Chiapas State Congress approved funding for the construction of a palm oil processing plant. Shortly afterwards, dozens of families from the Municipality of Ocosingo were evicted from their territory, in order to give way for the expansion of monoculture oil palm plantations.

Dozens of heavily armed police arrived in helicopters and with aggressive violence evicted men, women and children from their homes, which they then burnt down and with no explanation, removed the community to the city of Palenque.

While the government talks about conservation and protection of the zone, it evicts those who have been truly responsible for making this conservation possible. At the same time, it replaces local ecosystems by oil palm monocultures.

Oil palm plantations are being promoted under an “ecological” mask, as if the production of agrofuels based on palm oil could be a solution to climate change. Apart from the falsehood of these affirmations, no mention is made of the serious negative impacts they generate such as violation of the local population and indigenous peoples’ human rights, as is presently the case in Chiapas.

Furthermore, monoculture oil palm plantations are one of the main causes of deforestation and therefore contribute to climate change through the release of carbon stored in the forests, while destroying the means of subsistence and food sovereignty of millions of small farmers, Indigenous and other communities, and generating serious negative environmental impacts. The plantations require agrochemicals that poison the workers and local communities and contaminate soil and water. Monoculture oil palm plantations eliminate biodiversity and deplete fresh water sources.

In sum, monoculture plantations for the production of paper and agrofuels (such as in the case of oil palm) worsen the living conditions and opportunities for survival of the local population and are only beneficial to a small handful of companies that become rich at the expense of social and environmental destruction.

For this reason, we are appealing to the international community to condemn the plans for the expansion of monoculture oil palm plantations in Mexico, denouncing this situation by all means at your disposal.

To Protest these evictions, contact:

Physical address:

187 Featherston Street

Level 2, AMP Chambers

Wellington 6011

New Zealand

Postal address:

PO Box 11-510, Wellington 6142, New Zealand

Phone: +64-4-472-0555

Fax: +64-4-496-3559


(or your local Mexican Embassy)

Support the work of Global Justice Ecology Project for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Forest Protection

For ongoing updates on the progress of Global Justice Ecology Project, please visit our Website:

Climate Connections blog:

Facebook page:

Follow us on Twitter:

Thanks for all your support.

From the staff at GJEP,

Anne Petermann, Executive Director

Orin Langelle, Co-Director/Strategist

Camila Moreno, Lawyer/Researcher (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Hallie Boas, New Voices on Climate Change Coordinator (Berkeley, CA)

Aja Lippincott, Assistant to the Directors

Breaking News: Paramilitary aggression in Zapatista Communities

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The Zapatista Council of Good Government (Junta de Buen Gobierno), based in Morelia, clarifies what happened in the past few days in Bolon Ajaw, Chiapas:

The Council of Good Government “Heart of the Rainbow of Hope”, Caracol IV

“Whirlwind of our Words”, Morelia, Chiapas, Mexico.

11 February 2010

To the Alternative Media

To the companeros of the Other Campaign in Mexico

To the companeros of the Sexta International

Sisters and Brothers

Companeros and Companeras

We the Council of Good Government denounce and clarify what happened on the Saturday 6th February 2010, on the land controlled by the village of Bolon Ajaw, autonomous municipality Comandanta Ramona.

The provocateurs, members of OPDDIC, inhabitants of Ejido Agua Azul, aggressively came onto the land where our companeros and companeras live, in order to work there on Thursday 20th January 2010.

In order to make the situation clear to the public, regarding the new phase of aggression restarted against our companeros “bases of support” (Zapatista community members) of the autonomous municipality Comandanta Ramona, by OPDDIC members; we made public our position regarding the defence of the Mother Earth in a written declaration dated 23rd January 2010. In this declaration we clearly stated that we would defend the land and its natural resources.

For those who don’t remember, you can re-read this declaration on the Enlace Zapatista website.

There you will find the full names of the aggressors, how they were behaving and what calibre of guns they carried when they went onto the land; and we want to make clear that they never put these guns away, but carried them at all times while they were working on the land, and not only that we also want to make clear that they smoked rolled-up cigarettes which had really disgusting smelling smoke and smelled of marijuana.

Please excuse our ignorance because we don’t really know the scope of the internet but we believe that it reaches all the corners of the world and we believe that when we publish something online, like for example our declaration, it reaches all the parts of the world, and we don’t believe that the bad governments don’t have computers nor access to the internet in order to be able to read about what we denounced.

We assume that the bad governments have these tools in order to find out what the people who they control, by giving them a few crumbs off the table, are doing. In front of the world’s eyes, the bad governments did nothing to prevent this attack that we suffered from happening – neither Juan Sabines (Governor of Chiapas) nor Antonio Moreno Lopez, Municipal President of Chilon, nor the wonderful Felipe Calderon did anything, because they use tricks to get what they want.

As such we contradict what the OPDDIC leaders are saying: that our companeros took them by surprise on Saturday 6th February – this is a complete lie, because two weeks before we had published our declaration and so in our opinion this time was available for us to wait and see if they wanted to have a dialogue with us, but they never approached us.

Furthermore years earlier we, the Council of Good Government, had invited Commissioner Geremias Lopez Herandez to meet and dialogue with us but he has ignored us.

Our companeros went on to the Bolon Ajaw land at 6am, which is the start of our working day as campesinos (peasant farmers), in order to do some collective work on the land from which they want to evict us. We arrived at the area of land where we work at 7am and we didn’t go there to attack anyone, besides our companeros, inhabitants of the village of Bolon Ajaw are already living on the land. We reiterate that we have previously stated that we are going to put up a defence, working peacefully, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

In order to reach the village of Bolon Ajaw we didn’t have to pass through the village of Agua Azul, you can get there going along paths through the fields. We didn’t go into Agua Azul, even by a millimetre, and the fabrication of OPDDIC accuses us of taking them by surprise, harassing them, humiliating them and repressing the boys, girls, older men and women. This is one of the first lies of Juan Sabines and his local leader accomplices.

We aren’t like the bad governments that repress, imprison, and disappear indigenous people, we have suffered acts of barbarity during the governments of Ernesto Zedillo, and Roberto Albores Guillen and we never copy their injustices. But in these current times we see the restarting of these tricks, just like previous governments have done, who would make up crimes in order to justify the repression.

When we were going into the land it was 6am, we were walking together along a path that goes to Bolon Ajaw and we were unarmed, while we were arriving the OPDDIC invaders withdrew and we thought that they had gone back to their houses to remain there peacefully, but it wasn’t like that.

They withdrew to the place where they were building their houses and since in order to get to their houses they had to pass through the village of Bolon Ajaw, once they arrived in this village they immediately began to fire rounds towards where our companeros were and there were only five male companeros and ten female companeras and so they were unable to defend themselves.

The OPDDIC members came with pistols and rifles in hand shooting towards our companeros, we estimate that they fired around 250 rounds of calibre 22, thanks to our companeros quickly retreating they were not injured and so in this way there were no deaths on our side. While our companeros were retreating they shouted to the companeros who were on the land that we were working on, to ask for their support because 40 OPDDIC members were arriving with arms in hand.

Once the OPDDIC members arrived at Bolon Ajaw they went to the village church. They broke open the door and once they were inside they began destroying things like: breaking the statues of the saints, breaking the case where the Holy Eucharist is kept, and breaking the simple altar. Because of their indiscriminate shooting in Bolon Ajaw, they themselves killed their fellow OPDDIC members because they were crowded closely together while they were shooting.

This is the same kind of thing that was done to us during the time of Ernesto Zedillo and Roberto Albores Guillen when the soldiers came into our villages in 1995, who scattered maize, beans, stole our chickens and looted things from our collective shop. If we remember this, it’s because  we see recent events as echoes of those times. For example on 6th February 2010 our companero Manuel Jimenez Alvoro from the hamlet of Bispuyil Ja, his house was destroyed, they wrenched out the supports of his house and then they went to throw these away, then they destroyed the supporting metal rods, they destroyed the lintel, they stole the metal sheeting from his roof. These metal sheets were bought through our companero’s hard work, and bear in mind today’s high prices, the house was 7 metres by 2.6 metres and was totally demolished.

As a last act of humiliation against our companero the wreckers, who belong to the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) – namely Pedro Pérez Silvano, Pedro Perez Jimenez, Domingo Pérez (primero), Domingo Pérez (segundo), Melchorio Pérez Jlménez, and Pascual Pérez Jimenez – these deceitful people cut down 76 coffee plants in order to put the blame on our companero, they took these plants to present them to the Public Prosecutors office in Bachajon in order to get them to issue an arrest warrant accusing our comrade of cutting down their plants.

OPDDIC’s lies say that we took them by surprise first thing in the morning, when we were the ones who were taken by surprise by being shot at, because they ambushed our companeros just a few metres away from the ticket booth for the Agua Azul waterfalls, which is staffed by our companeros from The Other Campaign. There our companero Francisco Gonzalez Gomez was badly wounded in the abdomen and fortunately is now recovering, although he had lost a lot of blood.

When the OPDDIC members went to build their houses on the bolon Ajaw land they never showed respect to our female companeras. A path to the cornfield passes through the area where they were working; our female companeras were going to get or bring back maize and the lowlife marijuana smokers from OPDDIC would strip off and show the women their penises when they were passing through there. Even a dog wouldn’t do this and since the bad government\s plan is to provoke, they do this shamelessly. Once again they make up our supposed crimes, they accuse us of being kidnappers, we are the ones who are struggling against death, we are not corrupt from having millions as are the governments, as are the members of Congress, we have never done this during our struggle.

We did detain seven OPDDIC members but we treated them with respect at all times and gave them food, not fancy food because we don’t have that, we gave them water, a room which wasn’t comfortable because that‘s what our houses are like, we gave them blankets – in short we respected their rights as human beings, as we would even for animals. The seven OPDDIC members who they say were kidnapped, were freed and handed over safe and sound, just as well as when they were detained; when they were freed they signed a document acknowledging that they were treated with respect.

Four of the last five OPPDIC members to be set free, namely Ivan Moreno Lopez, Manuel Garcia Luna, Juan Hernandez Moreno, and Manuel Hernandez Lopez, told us that Senor Salomon Moreno Lopez was one of those who organised the provocateurs and even though we found out who he was, we didn’t harm him in any way. We are not like the bad governments who sentence people to many years in prison.

We, the Council of Good Government, have never closed the door on finding a good solution to problems, we always show good will, sending our messages to the human rights activists Fray Bartholomew de Las Casas. Our proposal was that we would free the two OPDDIC members detained in Bolon Ajaw, on the condition that the following people could freely pass through : 13 members of the “Civil Protection” body (proteccion civil), 2 from the Chiapas State Government, principally Antonio Gamboa, Carlos Manuel Calvo Martinez, the director of the “Preventative Police” (policia preventiva), 2 from Fray Bartholomew human rights organisation, Jorge Armando Gomez and Pedro Faro, and an inhabitant of the community of Agua Azul: and on the condition that there be the right to free movement on the roads and footpaths for all, without distinction. In the second release of OPDDIC detainees, that is the five who were still detained elsewhere, we proposed that they be released on condition that they promise not to reoccupy the land and that peace be re-established.

This was our word, and we kept it honourably and truthfully. The response of the bad government to our proposal was totally different.

It can be clearly seen that the government asks for dialogue, and then replies with other things that have nothing to do with what we were discussing, and we consider that while the three aforementioned politicians continue governing in this country, they will continue with their trickery and cunning. For us it meant that the three levels of government agree that what they did to us carries on happening and that violence in all parts of our country continues.

The special public prosecutor dealing with NGOs, Pedro Raul Lopez, transmitted the message from Juan Sabines Guerrero, Governor of Chiapas, that the problem should be dealt with through dialogue, but on the contrary the Governor insinuated that the army would come in and the dialogue would be broken and hostilities would resume.

We believe that the intentions are already there, because we can see the movements of the military, police and PGR, accompanied by indigenous people, some in plain clothes. While we propose a solution, they respond to us with very strong threats.

Comrades of The Other Campaign, nationally and internationally, don’t let yourselves be persuaded by the great lies from on high, with their violent acts and declarations full of falsehoods, as we have just experienced.

People like those who call themselves governments dedicate themselves to teaching indigenous people how to deceive. Don’t be confused, you have to be able to perceive and listen to the truth.

Yours sincerely

The Council of Good Government

Candelaria Velasco Hernandez Angel Hernandez Perez.

URGENT ACTION For David Venegas Reyes, member of the APPO (Oaxaca, Mexico)

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URGENT ACTION: (espanol sigue abajo)
SENTENCING scheduled for DAVID VENEGAS REYES “ALEBRIJE”, ex political prisoner and prisoner of conscience of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) and of Oaxacan Voices Constructing Autonomy And Freedom (VOCAL).


This coming April 6, 2009, after spending eleven months in prison and more than a year on parole with the obligation to report every two weeks, our comrade David Venegas Reyes will finally be sentenced in the last of two cases brought against him by the malevolent government of the killer Ulises Ruiz Ortiz in order to jail him and thereby keep him away from the APPO. On this date, he will be sentenced on the obviously trumped-up charge of possession with intent to sell cocaine and heroin, for which he was jailed on April 13, 2007.

Review of the facts:

On April 13, 1007, at approximately 12:30 in the afternoon, David was walking through El Llano Park in the city of Oaxaca with two other people when he was violently apprehended with no arrest warrant by a commando of hooded armed men riding in a red van without plates or any kind of Police Department logo. He was thrown into the van at gunpoint by agents brandishing long arms. David was then ridden around the city with his own bag placed over his head to cover his face, beaten, and threatened with forced disappeared if he didn’t talk. This went on for several hours before he was taken to the Preventive Police Headquarters, known as “los Pinos” (The Pines), in Santa María Coyotepec, Oaxaca, a place where serious human rights violations, murders and disappearances of social activists have been committed by the Army as well as federal and state police forces. At “los Pinos”, the beatings and threats continued, and he was forcibly photographed and videoed with the drugs planted on him by the police. All of this was ordered by the ex Director of the Auxiliary, Banking, Industrial and Commercial Police (PABIC), Alejandro Barrita Ortiz, well-known for his repression of the social movement. David was finally taken to the Street Sales Drug Unit (UMAN) of the Federal Attorney General’s Office, along with the drugs planted on him at “los Pinos!”.

After holding him there for two days, he was taken to the Santa María Ixcotel Prison in the City of Oaxaca, and as soon as he got there, was charged with Sedition, Conspiracy, and Arson for allegedly burning eight buildings in downtown Oaxaca on November 25, 2006. These included the State Supreme Court Building, which, as everyone knows, was burned by the killer Ulises Ruiz Ortiz’s own government to do away with evidence of the injustices committed by the judicial system and to incriminate a number of different APPO comrades. These acts of brutal repression against members of the popular movement committed by the federal police force under orders of Vicente Fox and the state police forces under orders of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, on November 25, 2006, amounted to the worst case of mass human rights violations ever seen in Oaxaca, with almost 200 prisoners being transferred to a prison in the state of Nayarit, more than a thousand kilometers away from the land of Oaxaca.

After winning two protective orders and two appeals, and having his charges “reclassified”, David was finally released on March 5, 2008, in absence of any proof whatsoever of his guilt, and totally exonerated of the offenses of arson for the buildings burned on November 25. Nevertheless, his case for possession with intent to sell cocaine and heroin has dragged on despite government misconduct including intentional delays, serious omissions, lies, and a series of contradictions in the testimony of the arresting officers, all of which should be sufficient for winning his absolute freedom.

And so, today, we are mobilizing on his behalf and sending out this CALL for the solidarity of all the men and women, organizations, collectives, peoples, and labor unions of Oaxaca, Mexico, and the world to show your support for the absolute exoneration and freedom of David through protest actions and letters, phone calls, and faxes to Juez Amado Chiñas Fuentes, Juzgado Tercero de Distrito del Décimo Tercer Circuito, Avenida Juárez 709, Colonia Centro, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, CP 68000.before the sentence is pronounced on April 6, 2009, at 10:45 a.m. in the Third Federal District Court in the city of Oaxaca:

We further call on you to sign the following statement as backing for the petition for justice in this case.

We continue to demand the exit of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz from the Oaxaca state government and will do so until the last day of his deadly regime. We will not rest in the struggle to achieve a deep, radical change in our society. At the same time, we extend our solidarity to the peoples throughout the world who are also struggling for a better world.

Fraternally yours,

Send your endorsement to:

Send letters to:

Juez Amado Chiñas Fuentes
Juez Tercero de Distrito del Décimo Tercer Circuito
Avenida Juárez 709
Colonia Centro
Ciudad de Oaxaca de Juárez
Oaxaca, México C.p. 68000

Call: 01 (951) 51566000
Fax: 01 (951) 51566000. Ask for tone (¿Me da tono de fax, por favor?).



El 6 de abril de este año 2009, después de permanecer o­nce meses en
prisión y mas de un año de libertad condicionada a firmar cada quince
días, por fin será dictada sentencia final al compañero David Venegas
Reyes por el ultimo de los dos procesos penales con que el mal gobierno
del asesino Ulises Ruiz Ortiz lo acuso para meterlo preso y separarlo del
movimiento de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca. Este 6 de
abril será dictada sentencia al compañero David por el delito de Posesión
con hipótesis de venta de cocaína y heroína, una de los dos delitos
fabricados que el mal gobierno de Ulises Ruiz hizo contra el compañero
para meterlo preso el 13 de abril del año 2007.

Rememoración de los hechos:

El día 13 de abril a las doce treinta del día aproximadamente, David
caminaba por el parque el llano de la ciudad de Oaxaca con dos
acompañantes cuando fue detenido con violencia y sin orden de aprehensión
alguna por un comando de hombres armados encapuchados a bordo de una
camioneta roja sin placas y sin logotipo de ninguna corporación
policiciaca, el compañero fue encañonado con armas largas y subido
violentamente a la camioneta. Cubierto de la cara con su propia bolsa, fue
paseado por diferentes lugares de la ciudad, golpeado y amenazado de
desaparecerlo si no hablaba. Después de varias horas de vueltas, golpes y
amenazas es llevado al cuartel de la policía preventiva estatal conocido
como “los pinos” en santa María Coyotepec, Oaxaca, lugar donde se han
cometido graves violaciones a los derechos humanos, asesinatos y
desapariciones contra participantes del movimiento social oaxaqueño por
las policías y ejercitos del estado de Oaxaca y México. En “los pinos” es
golpeado, amenazado y forzado a dejarse fotografiar y grabar en video con
la droga que la misma policía le sembró en ese lugar. Todo bajo las
ordenes del hoy asesinado exdirector de la Policía Auxiliar Bancaria
Industrial y Comercial de Oaxaca (PABIC) Alejandro Barrita Ortiz conocido
represor durante el movimiento social. Al final fue remitido a la Unidad
Mixta de Atención al Narcomenudeo (UMAN) de la PGR Federal con la droga
que le habían sembrado en “los pinos”. Después de permanecer dos días en
la UMAN es trasladado a la penitenciaria Central de Santa María Ixcotel,
en la ciudad de Oaxaca y nada mas llegar, el mal gobierno le acusa también
en otro proceso penal del delito de Sedición, asociación delictuosa y
daños por incendio contra ocho edificios del centro histórico de Oaxaca el
25 de noviembre de 2006 entre ellos el tribunal superior de justicia del
estado que es de todos conocido que fue incendiado por el mismo gobierno
del asesino Ulises Ruiz Ortiz para desaparecer pruebas de injusticias en
el sistema judicial y para incriminar a diversos compañeros de la APPO.
Hechos cometidos el día de la brutal represión contra los integrantes del
movimiento popular el 25 de noviembre de 2006 por las policías federal de
Vicente Fox y estatal de Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, día que se saldo con la
violación masiva de derechos humanos mas grave que ha ocurrido en Oaxaca
con un saldo de casi doscientos presos trasladados a un penal en el estado
de Nayarit a mas de mil kilómetros de la tierra de Oaxaca.

Después de ganar dos amparos y dos revisiones de amparo y de haber sido
reclasificados los delitos de David para mantenerlo en prisión, ante la
falta de pruebas para demostrar su culpabilidad por fin sale libre el 5 de
marzo de 2008, totalmente exonerado de los delitos de la quema de
edificios el 25 de noviembre pero aun bajo proceso por el delito de
Posesión con hipótesis de venta de cocaína y heroína, el cual hoy por fin,
después de retrasos a propósito por parte del gobierno, de graves
omisiones, mentiras y faltas y de una serie de contradicciones entre los
policías aprehensores de David que deberían ser suficientes para obtener
su libertad absoluta, es que HOY NOS MOVILIZAMOS Y CONVOCAMOS:










Para firmar este comunicado enviarlo firmado al correo de vocal

Para enviar cartas, al Juez Amado Chiñas Fuentes enviarlas al Juzgado
Tercero de Distrito del Décimo Tercer Circuito, con domicilio en Avenida
Juárez 709, Colonia Centro, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, CP 68000.

Para hacer llamadas o enviar faxes, favor de llamar al 01 (951) 5156600 y
pedir el numero de fax.


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Oaxaca de Magón, City of resistAnce
Saturday, January 10, 2009

We want to denounce the intimidating actions that are endangering the life of our comrade who is part of the Oaxacan popular movement.

Tonight, Saturday, January 10 at approximately 10:57, as our comrade RUBEN VALENCIA NUÑEZ and the person with him walked along Porfirio Díaz Street towards the politico-cultural space “CASOTA” located at Crespo 408, in downtown Oaxaca. Several individuals (approximately 3) driving
by in an electric blue car, possibly a Peugeot, began to insult them. One of them said to RUBEN, “Pinche APPO,” among other things. One of them tried to get out of the car but was persuaded not to by the others, and the car moved on about a block away from the spot.

In view of the situation, the comrades kept walking and took shelter in a café on the same street. Not more than 5 minutes after they got there, while RUBEN VALENCIA NUÑEZ was washing his hands in the restroom, the man who had yelled at him in the street walked into the business full of people. He went into the area just outside the restroom right next to our comrade, and without a word, took out a knife. Amidst pushing and shoving, he struck our comrade in the neck, nape of the neck, and head, causing more than 3 wounds. At that time, our comrade only felt the blows and pushed his way out of the space by the restroom along with the aggressor. In the midst of the confusion, a passing waiter was wounded in the throat by the same arm.

The aggressor, around 28 years old, with a robust build and short hair (resembling a ministerial or judicial policemen), brazenly stayed at the café a few seconds longer and then left, leaving the arm behind. Meanwhile, our comrade realized he had been cut, due to the blood that was staining his clothes.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment and is now out of danger. The wounds are as follows: one is 3.5 cm long and approximately 1 cm deep in the nape of the neck, another is 3 cm long and approximately 1 cm deep in the nape of the neck, and there is also a blow to the head, a cut extending from the left eye to the ear, and other smaller cuts made by the same arm. All the wounds were sutured with 6 stitches. It’s important to mention that one of the wounds was only one centimeter away from the jugular vein, which would have been fatal. The waiter has a wound in the throat made by the same arm, but we do not know how serious it is.

We firmly DENOUNCE these acts as part of a strategy of repression and violence orchestrated by the Oaxaca state government, either through para-police groups or civilians at the service of the State. We are denouncing, for all the world to hear, the possibility of the beginning
of selective repression like that which occurred in the dirty war that the social movements of this country endured more than thirty years ago.

This attack against RUBEN should be seen as the latest in a series of attacks, intimidation, and arrests that different comrades in the social movement have suffered in recent months. Since they haven’t been successful and the illegal authoritarian actions of the state have been exposed, this could be the beginning of a new, even more dangerous kind of government repression and violence at the hands of para-police and para-military groups, as well as hired assassins at the service of the bad government of ULISES RUIZ ORTIZ in the style of the dirty war.

-our decision to keep going in the construction of a different Oaxaca, where there’s no repression against anyone who seeks justice for the people and punishment for their killers. A Oaxaca where it’s possible to live without fear of repression.
-that these events show us the urgent need for change and the need to keep on moving forward so that killers will not govern in the future.

-An end to the criminal strategies of repression and intimidation against the different struggles of the peoples of Oaxaca by the Mexican State and the state government.
-Respect for the lives and tranquility of each and every comrade in Oaxaca who continues to construct alternatives for a dignified life with justice and freedom.
-Punishment of those responsible for the attack against our comrade RUBEN VALENCIA NUÑEZ.
We respectfully ask that the peoples of Mexico and the world stay alert for this situation that could announce the beginning of a strategy of dirty war or low-intensity warfare against the legitimate movement of the peoples of Oaxaca.
VOCAL (Voces Oaxaqueñas Construyendo Autonomía y Libertad)
CASOTA (Casa Autónoma Solidaria Oaxaqueña de Trabajo Autogestivo)
Universidad de la Tierra-Oaxaca
Diplomado de Investigadores Descalzos

Festival of Dignified Rage Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza

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Thursday, January 1, 2009
Festival of Dignified Rage Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza


Español sigue abajo.

From the Festival of Dignified Rage, the organizations, collectives, and individual participants strongly condemn the horrendous massacre perpetrated by the Israeli military against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip on December 27th of this year, resulting in hundreds of injured and dead people, the majority civilians. This crime represents a dangerous increase in the permanent holocaust that is committed against the Palestinian people with United States financing and the world’s enabling, hypocritical, and disgraceful silence.

The biggest Israeli air attack in the past 40 years, carried out with F-16 planes and Apache helicopters supplied by the United States, was announced beforehand by the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni, who stated on December 9 that the Israeli army should carry out a large-scale military offensive in Gaza in retaliation for that which she described as “the violation of the truce.”

The operation against Hamas “is just beginning,” said Avi Benayahu, one of the Israeli military’s spokespersons, while Israel’s Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, declared that the attacks would continue for “as long as necessary,” and alluded to an imminent land invasion carried out by the military.

As always, Israel presents itself as the victim that demands the right of self-defense against terrorism, and the corporate media promotes the lie that the slaughter was in response to the Hamas party’s launching of Qassam missiles. In reality these missiles are symbolic and almost never cause Israeli victims. In fact, during the recent truce from June 19 to December 19, the Palestinians in Gaza didn’t kill a single Israeli civilian, while Israel killed 49 Palestinians. The argument of self-defense against terrorism is also used to justify the merciless blockade which began in January 2006 immediately after Hamas won the legislative elections.

Their goal? Punish the Palestinians in Gaza for having elected a government that is unacceptable for Israel. Thanks to this effort to starve to death Gaza inhabitants, the hospitals don’t have the necessary medicine, medical supplies, electricity, potable water, or food to care for the wounded. While the world leaders criticize Hamas’ provocations, they limit themselves to criticizing Israel’s “disproportional use of force.” However, the ferocity of this latest slaughter has provoked the rage of hundreds of thousands of people who are holding marches and rallies in many parts of the world.

Due to all of the above, we manifest our dignified rage against this genocidal attack against Gaza and we call upon the international community to resist the military offensive and exercise continual pressure on the Israeli government in order to stop the crimes against the Palestinian people.


Translation from Spanish by Kristin Bricker.

Festival de la Digna Rabia Condena el Ataque Israeli Contra Gaza

Desde el Festival de la Digna Rabia, las organizaciones, colectivos e individuos participantes condenamos enérgicamente la horrenda masacre perpetrada por el ejército israelí contra la población civil de la Franja de Gaza el 27 de diciembre de este año, resultando en cientos de personas muertas y heridas, la mayoría civiles. Este crimen representa un aumento peligroso del holocausto permanente que se comete contra el pueblo palestino con el financiamiento de Estados Unidos y el silencio cómplice, hipócrita e indigno del mundo

El mayor ataque aéreo israelí de los últimos 40 años, llevado a cabo con aviones F-16 y helicópteros Apache suministrados por Estados Unidos, fue anunciado de antemano por la ministra israelí de Asuntos Exteriores Tzipi Livni, quien afirmó el 9 de diciembre que el ejército israelí debería llevar a cabo una ofensiva militar a gran escala en Gaza como represalia por lo que ella describió como ?la violación de la tregua?.

La operación contra Hamas ?está tan sólo empezando?, dijo Avi Benayahu, uno de los portavoces del ejército israelí, mientras el ministro de Defensa de Israel, Ehud Barak, declaró que los ataques proseguirán mientras ?sea necesario? y aludió a una invasión terrestre inminente por parte del ejército.

Como siempre, Israel se presenta como la víctima que reclama el derecho a la auto-defensa contra el terrorismo, y los medios de comunicación principales promueven la mentira de que la matanza era en respuesta al lanzamiento por parte del partido Hamas de proyectiles caseros tipo Qassam. En realidad estos proyectiles son más bien simbólicos y casi nunca causan víctimas entre los israelíes. De hecho, durante el periodo de la reciente tregua desde el 19 de junio al 19 de diciembre, los palestinos de Gaza no mataron a un solo civil israelí mientras Israel mató a 49 palestinos.El argumento de la auto-defensa contra el terrorismo también se usa para justificar el despiadado bloqueo iniciado en enero de 2006
inmediatamente después de que Hamas ganara las elecciones legislativas.

¿Su propósito? Castigar a los palestinos de Gaza por haber elegido un gobierno inaceptable para Israel. Gracias a este esfuerzo para matar de hambre a los habitantes de Gaza, no hay medicamentos, ni insumos en los hospitales, ni energía eléctrica, agua potable o alimentos necesarios para atender a los heridos. Mientras los líderes mundiales critican a las provocaciones de Hamas, se limitan a criticar el ?uso desproporcionado de la fuerza? de Israel. Sin embargo, la ferocidad de esta última matanza ha provocadola ira de cientos de miles de personas que están celebrando marchas y mítines en muchas partes del mundo.

Por todo lo anterior, nosotras y nosotros manifestamos nuestra digna rabia contra este ataque genocida contra Gaza y llamamos a la comunidad internacional a resistir la ofensiva militar y ejercer presión sostenida contra el gobierno israelí para detener los crímenes contra el pueblo palestino.


Alert: mass arrests in Oaxaca

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Please note all those arrested have now been released.

At noon today, Saturday January 3, 2009, more than 20 comrades were arrested in a peaceful march to the United States Consulate in Oaxaca, in repudiation of the genocide perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people.

According to information received, the arrests occurred as demonstrators were en route to the Consulate, located in the Santo Domingo de Guzmán area of the city of Oaxaca. Without mincing words, the police forces attacked them with extreme violence that was totally unjustified when
the march had barely begun.

At first, those arrested were taken to the Metropolitana, and it would seem that they were later transferred to San Bartolo Teontepec. Among those arrested are: Alebrije, Chucho, Cosme, Monty, Emo, Lallanta, Gabi, and two comrades from Chiapas whose names we don’t yet know. We’re still waiting to receive the complete list of the people arrested.

The undersigned collectives and spaces fear for the treatment that our comrades are now receiving and state that the politician ultimately responsible for these arrests, as well as any act of sexual torture or
attempt against the physical and psychic integrity that these comrades may be subjected to, is Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

We call on all social organizations, news media, and the peoples of Oaxaca, México, and the national and international civil society to stay on the alert for incoming news and to act so that the impunity that
enjoyed by the government will not be silenced, demanding the immediate and unconditional release of all people arrested.

Immediate and unconditional freedom for the people arrested outside the United States Consulate in Oaxaca

Freedom for all political prisoners of Oaxaca, México and the world

And end to Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people

An end to the invasion of Gaza. Israeli army out of Palestine

Undersigned collectives and spaces:
• Tod@s Somos Pres@s,
• Brigadas 94,
• Dignidad Rebelde,
• Colectivo La Voz del Cenzotle.

Justice for Sali/Justicia para Sali!

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by Oaxacan collectives ( rebeldiasentrelazadas [at] ) Friday Sep 26th, 2008 12:44 PM

Version en espanol sigue

Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Thursday, September 25

Justice for our sister Marcella Sali Grace!

Brother and sisters,

Our hearts are full of sadness and rage because our sister Sali was brutally raped and murdered 20 minutes from San Jose del Pacifico and up to this moment the Oaxacan Attorney General’s Office, as is its custom, is not doing anything regarding the fact that there exist witnesses who have information to identify those responsible.

Marcella Sali Grace was born in the United States, with a big heart in solidarity with just causes. She had many friend because she was always inclined to help, using her artistic talents to paint a banner or a wall or dancing Arabic dance to raise funds for the struggle, or putting on punk shows, or giving self-defense courses to the women because she knew very well how the men accosted them. This was one of her struggles, that women were free and respected. Sali was so involved in the struggle that she was an international accompanier of brothers and sisters who felt harassed by the bad government of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

Unfortunately, on September 24, a woman’s body was found with the physical characteristics of Sali, in a deserted cabin twenty minutes from the village of San Jose del Pacifico and at the moment when a village member went to feed some dogs around that area, he was struck by a fetid odor coming from this cabin and notified the municipal authorities of the village, who proceeded to removed the body that was found which was already in a state of decay, and after these events, they did not give any more information to the people in the village.

Yesterday, companera Julieta Cruz (who knew Sali was headed for San Jose del Pacifico) was informed that a young, foreign woman was found in the Miahuatlan amphitheatre, where she went, and where she recognized the body of Sali because of the tattoos she had, as her face was unrecognizable. Julieta thinks it is because of burns, but it doesn’t explain why the rest of her body has less visible damage. When we asked for the case number we were denied as well from seeing the results of the autopsy, as they argued with us that because we weren’t relatives they couldn’t give us any information.

Due to her solidarity work with the popular struggle of the people of Oaxaca, in other struggles in the world and against the racism on Mexico’s border with the U.S., on different occasions and to different people, Sali mentioned that recently in Oaxaca she had suffered political persecution and surveillance. This makes us think that her cowardly murderer is related to the widespread repression against the social movement and directed particularly at international observers. Because of this, we don’t dismiss that the intellectual authors are the same who ordered the repression against the people of Oaxaca in their struggle for justice and freedom.

In the face of these bloody events, and for the brutal cruelty used against companera Sali, we don’t disregard that this could be a clear message directed at all the people of Oaxaca, as well as the companeros in solidarity from different parts of the world; we say this based on the recent national and international news which says that “APPO members were the ones who killed U.S. journalist Bradley Roland Will” and as there is no justice in Oaxaca, we worry that the distortion of information could interfere in procuring true justice for our companera and the clear bureaucratic slowness with which the involved authorities are already treating this investigation.

In the face of these lamentable events, WE DEMAND:
The immediate speeding up of the investigations.

The immediate clarification of the facts.

Punishment for the intellectual and material murderers.

Justice for our sister Marcella Sali Grace!

Enough is enough with of the murders, violence and hate against women who fight for justice!
We ask you to sign on (at the email indicated) to this demand for justice and to become a part of the urgent activities to demand the clarification of these cowardly acts.

rebeldiasentrelazadas [at]
Information: (01 951) 5178190 CIPO

9:00 am Presence at the U.S. Consulate in Oaxaca
(Santo Domingo Plaza, Col. Centro, Oaxaca)

12:00 noon Rally at the State Attorney General’s Office: To demand the case is brought to Oaxaca and to speed up the bureaucratic procedures for the administration of justice.
(Domicilio conocido, San Antonio de la Cal, Col. Experimental).

Encuentro de Mujeres Oaxaquenas “Compartiendo Voces de Esperanza”
Colectivo Mujer Nueva
Consejo Indigena Popular de Oaxaca Ricardo Flores Magon
Voces Oaxaquenas Construyendo Autonomia y Libertad
Colectivo Tod@s Somos Pres@s
Encuentro de Jovenes en el Movimiento Social Oaxaqueno

Translation by Scott Campbell


Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca.
Jueves 25 de septiembre.

!Justicia para nuestra hermana Marcella Sali Grace!

Hermanos y hermanas.

Nuestros corazones estan llenos de tristeza y rabia porque nuestra hermana Sali fue violada y asesinada brutalmente a 20 minutos de San Jose del Pacifico y hasta este momento la procuraduria de Oaxaca como es su costumbre no esta haciendo nada a pesar que existen testigos que dan indicios para identificar a los responsables.

Marcella Sali Grace nacio en los Estados Unidos, con un corazon grande y solidario con las causas justas quien tenia muchas amigas y amigos porque siempre estaba dispuesta a ayudar, asi con sus dotes de artista pintaba una manta o una pared o bailaba su danza arabe para sacar fondos para la lucha, o hacia sus conciertos con bandas de punks, o daba sus cursos de defensa personal a las mujeres pues conocia muy bien como los hombres las acosan, esta era una de sus luchas, el que las mujeres fueramos libres y respetadas, Sali estaba tan comprometida en la lucha que fue acompanante internacional de hermanos y hermanas que estan siendo hostigadas por el mal gobierno de Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

Desgraciadamente este 24 de septiembre fue encontrado el cuerpo de una mujer con las caracteristicas fisicas de Sali, en una cabana deshabitada a veinte minutos de la poblacion de San Jose del Pacifico y al momento en que un poblador fue a alimentar a unos perros que se encontraban por ahi, lo impresiono un olor fetido que provenia de dicha cabana y dio aviso a las autoridades municipales de dicha poblacion, los cuales procedieron a hacer el levantamiento del cuerpo que se encontraba ya en estado de putrefaccion, y despues de dichos sucesos, no se dio mas informacion a los pobladores.

El dia de ayer se le dio aviso a la companera Julieta Cruz (quien tenia conocimiento de que Sali se dirigia para dicho lugar), que una joven extranjera se encontraba en el anfiteatro de Miahuatlan, a donde ella se dirigio, en donde reconocio el cuerpo de Sali debido a los tatuajes que tenia, ya que su rostro estaba irreconocible, la companera supone que es debido a quemaduras, pues no se explica por que el resto del cuerpo tiene danos visiblemente menores. Al momento en que pedimos el numero de averiguacion se nos fue negado al igual que los resultados de la necropsia, argumentandonos que debido a que no eramos familiares de la persona no se nos podria facilitar ningun dato.

Debido al trabajo solidario con la lucha popular del pueblo de Oaxaca, de otras luchas del mundo y contra el racismo en la frontera de Mexico con Estados Unidos, en diversas ocasiones y a diferentes personas, Sali comento que en Oaxaca, en fechas recientes sufria de persecucion politica y vigilancia. Esto nos hace pensar que su cobarde asesinato tiene relacion con la represion generalizada a los movimientos sociales y dirigida particularmente a los observadores internacionales. Por esto mismo no descartamos que los actores intelectuales sean los mismos que ordenan la represion contra el pueblo de Oaxaca que lucha por justicia y libertad.

Ante estos hechos sangrientos, y por la brutal crueldad que ejercen sobre la companera Sali, no dejamos de lado que puede ser un claro mensaje dirigido a todo el pueblo de Oaxaca, asi como a los companeros solidarios de diferentes partes del mundo; esto lo decimos basado en las recientes noticias que estan circulando a nivel nacional e internacional, de que “los appistas son los que mataron al periodista norteamericano Bradley Roland Will” y como no hay justicia en Oaxaca, nos preocupa la distorsion de la informacion que pudiera interferir en la procuracion de una verdadera justicia para nuestra companera y la ya evidente lentitud burocratica con la que estan tratando el caso las autoridades actualmente implicadas en la investigacion.

Ante estos hechos lamentables EXIGIMOS:
La inmediata agilizacion de las investigaciones.

El esclarecimiento inmediato de los hechos.

El castigo a los asesinos intelectuales y materiales.

!Justicia para nuestra hermana Marcella Sali Grace!

!Basta de asesinatos, violencia y odio contra las mujeres que luchan por justicia!

Pedimos su adhesion (en el correo que se indica) a esta exigencia de justicia y a formar parte de las actividades urgentes para demandar el esclarecimiento de estos hechos cobardes.

rebeldiasentrelazadas [at]
Informacion: (01 951) 5178190 CIPO


9:00 am Presencia en el Consulado de los Estados Unidos en Oaxaca
(Plaza Santo Domingo, Col. Centro. Oaxaca)

12:00 del medio dia Mitin en la Procuraduria de Justicia del estado de Oaxaca: Para la exigencia de atraer el caso a la ciudad de Oaxaca y agilicen su tramite burocratico para la imparticion de justicia
(Domicilio conocido, San Antonio de la Cal, Col. Experimental).
Encuentro de Mujeres Oaxaquenas “Compartiendo Voces de Esperanza”
Colectivo Mujer Nueva
Consejo Indigena Popular de Oaxaca Ricardo Flores Magon
Voces Oaxaquenas Construyendo Autonomia y Libertad
Colectivo Tod@s Somos Pres@s
Encuentro de Jovenes en el Movimiento Social Oaxaqueno