Donate Online to support Zapatista Communities

Wellington Zapatista Support is a volunteer-run group working to support Zapatista health initiatives in rural indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico.

Your donations make a difference!

You can donate to support Zapatista communities online via this website:

2 Responses to “Donate Online to support Zapatista Communities”

  1. Tim Barlow Says:

    Kia ora

    I’m pitching an idea as part of the Wellington 2040 campaign called Fearless Speech Lane that would turn Opera House lane into a free speech market and performance zone. The idea would include inviting particular political/activist/ethnic and community groups to establish the weekly topic and agenda based around the question ‘How to overcome the barriers to freedom of speech and expression in the urban city of the future’ ?. These groups would be partnered with drama and film teams ,if they desired it, to create presentations and performances. Also in the Lane would be a ‘political foods’ market and a cafe that was enabled to broadcast film projects and national and international live speakers.

    At this stage I’m just exploring if your support group would be interested in this kind of format/platform as a means of expression and dissemination of ideas? Look forward to hearing from you

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