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Letter and receipt of donation from our compas Zapatistas

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Thanks to everyone who has made a donation, attended one of our events or participated in our other fundraising efforts.

Please see below photos of a letter and receipt (plus english translation) we just recieved from the Zapatista communities we are working with.

Keep your eyes and ears open for events we have coming up this year!

Saludos Rebeldes, WZSG


Caracol in Resistance

Hacia un Nuevo Amanecer

Good Government Council

El Camino del Futuro

Chiapas, Mexico

14 February 2010


By way of this letter we send a cordial revolutionary greeting to your group in New Zealand, on the part of the authorities of the council of good government.

We thank you for your support that has helped us here in the good government and we hope that you continue to assist us as you know well that we are not earning much money as we are in the resistance, as we work to build Autonomy. This is all that we request, and we hope this finds you well and working.


the council of good government

Ausencio Lopez, Rolando Gomez, Gorki Gomez


Caracol in Resistance

Hacia un Nuevo Amanecer

Good Government Council

El Camino del Futuro

Chiapas, Mexico


The council of good government of El Camino Del Futuro met with Julie webb Pullman of the New Zealand Zapatista Support Group .

A donation has been delivered to the council of good government of $1,000 dollars ($14,000 Mexican Pesos) and some books for the autonomous education programmes.

The council of good government received this donation and also the educational books and we thank you for your support. Your group has helped us since 2006 and we hope to continue together into the future.


The authorities of the council of good government

Ausencio Lopez, Enoc Guiterrez, Gorki Gomez

New paths in Resistance – Zapatista Film Screening 16 July

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“The War of fear” (2002, 26 mins)
and “Caracoles: new paths in resistance” (2003, 42 mins)

Wednesday 16 July, from 6.30 pm at Happy, corner of Tory and Vivian Streets, Wellington.
Entry by koha / donation.

All proceeds from this fundraising event will go towards assisting the Caracol of La Garrucha to deliver basic health services.

The Wellington Zapatista Support Group is organising monthly film screenings to raise awareness of the plight of indigenous peoples in Mexico. This screening is the second of a series of documentaries made by Zapatista communities explaining their resistance movement and how it is organized.

‘The war of fear: cases of harassment against autonomous communities’ explains how the Mexican government has combated the Zapatista uprising. Small paramilitary groups have been employed to wage a low intensity war against the autonomous communities. Since 2000, there have been more than 16 paramilitary groups operating in the state of Chiapas.

‘Caracoles: new paths in resistance’ tells the story about the creation of the Caracoles. Since 1994, Zapatista indigenous communities have formed 30 autonomous municipalities, which today cover more than half of the state of Chiapas. In order to confront the challenges of self-governance and to construct a more direct bridge to the rest of the world, the Zapatistas announced the birth of the CARACOLES.

Unlike many indigenous communities reduced to accepting token government hand-outs, the Zapatistas are committed to the peaceful development and provision of their own health, education and justice systems.

Please join us at Happy on the corner of Tory and Vivian streets, Wednesday July 16, 6.30 pm. Admission to the screening is by koha.

Urgent Communique From the Zapatistas – Thursday 4 June, 2008:

More on the Zapatista movement: (in Spanish)