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San Juan Copala: On the second caravan and the autonomous project

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Twenty days after the brutal murder of our comrades ALBERTA CARIÑO TRUJILLO AND JYRI JAAKKOLA, along with others wounded by high-caliber weapons in the hands of groups completely identified with the state, there has been no justice. This impunity has favored this paramilitary group which calls itself a “SOCIAL ORGANIZATION” (UBISORT), so that it again commits another attack against the inhabitants of the AUTONOMOUS MUNICIPALITY, obeying the orders issued from the halls of government, kidnapping on May 14 comrade MARGARITA LOPEZ MARTINEZ and SUSANA MARTINEZ, holding them for approximately two hours during which they received all kinds of threats, and on May 15, this same group, commanded by RUFINO and ANASTACIO JUÁREZ HERNANDEZ, kidnapped twelve inhabitants of the AUTONOMOUS MUNICIPALITY of San Juan Copala for an entire night; during which time they were beaten, threatened and stripped of all their belongings, including the food which they had previously bought in Juxtlahuaca, as well as money, most of it which was to pay for the Opportunities program. They are: FELIPA DE JESÚS SUÁREZ, JOAQUINA VELASCO AGUILERA, MARTIMIANA AGUILERA, ISABEL BAUTISTA RAMÍREZ, MARCELINA RAMÍREZ, LORENA MERINO MARTÍNEZ, LETICIA VELASCO AGUILERA (CHILD), ROSARIO VELASCO ALLENDE (CHILD), JOSEFA RAMIREZ BAUTISTA (CHILD), TWO CHILDREN OF FOUR YEARS OF AGE AND A ONE-YEAR-OLD BABY.


FIRST.- That from this date, as a result of the permanent and continued attacks that have been committed against the population of the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala and those who act in solidarity with us; we are postponing the negotiations that we have been holding before these events, as well as all possible dialogue with the state government, until such a time when it administers justice in a transparent manner against those materially and intellectually responsible for this massacre and ceases to allow, cover up, and conceal the paramilitaries who publicly announce and carry out their threats.

SECOND.- We understand that, as a communal movement which struggles to decide freely, without having to live under the yoke of caciques who manipulate us and live off of our impoverishment, that many times we have made mistakes on our path, not out of malicious intent but out of inexperience. It is because of this that from this date forward we want you to know that all the actions we undertake to consolidate OUR AUTONOMOUS MUNICIPALITY will be determined by OUR COMMUNAL COUNCIL in consultation with the community assemblies; we are now working on the creation of a structure which will be made up of different commissions which we will make you aware of at the appropriate time.

We make clear that this resistance struggle has as its final goal to recuperate our history and culture, with a great respect for our mother earth; to achieve development towards the dignified life that we all desire, where peace and justice reign, which is why our reference point for struggle is without a doubt the ZAPATISTA MOVEMENT, WHICH REACHES ITS UNDERSTANDINGS IN THE GOOD GOVERNMENT COUNCILS, this is what we want for our people and we know that sooner or later we’ll reach that horizon.

Due to this, we call on all our brothers and sisters, indigenous and non-indigenous, who make their struggle as part of the Other Campaign, to accompany us without haggling, on this road that is also the road you walk, and when we are wrong, help us in a fraternal and supportive manner, as we understand that only disinterestedly united, those of us who walk from below and to the left, will we reach the dawn of this long night of pain.

THIRD.- We also make clear that faced with the incessant criminal acts that this group continues carrying out in our communities, with all that it implies, we have decided to issue a new callout for a SECOND CARAVAN OF OBSERVATION AND SOLIDARITY which will travel to San Juan Copala on June 8, 2010 and break the informational, paramilitary, and hunger siege which this group of gunmen has brought upon our community; for this we confirm that we have asked for the help of the DIOCESAN COMMISSION OF JUSTICE AND PEACE and the BARTOLOMÉ CARRASCO BRISEÑO REGIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS CENTER, so that our commission, together with them, may coordinate this event where we will take all the security measures possible and where we will assembly a large number of LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIOAL OBSERVERS, as well as media outlets and comrades who want to act in solidarity with our people, which for many years the people in power have filled with pain and death.

Finally, we want to clarify that some journalists have insisted in making us out to be people who use high-powered weapons. We want to make clear that this is not the case. Because our communal struggle, through a peaceful organization, seeks to do away with the repression, imposition and cruel treatment to which we were subjected, first by the governments and then by “organizations” which, rooted in lies and corruption, have taken from us our word, our decisions and have taken our right to live as first peoples; we don’t have weapons, we don’t need them: we know that with organization and with the solidarity of the people of MEXICO and OF THE WORLD we will soon attain a life of PEACE, with JUSTICE and DIGNITY.

May 18, 2010



Gathering Our Dignified Rage

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This is visionary stuff –> both a primer on the organizing that has taken place over the past three and a half years since the Zapatistas released their Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and a proposal on where we need to head in the context of our global crises… a rewrite of an earlier piece updated for the current context and in preparation for the First Global Festival of Dignified Rage. Enjoy!

Gathering Our Dignified Rage
Building New Autonomous Global Relations of Production, Livelihood and Exchange
by Kolya Abramsky

to read more click *here*

Festival of Dignified Rage Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza

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Thursday, January 1, 2009
Festival of Dignified Rage Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza


Español sigue abajo.

From the Festival of Dignified Rage, the organizations, collectives, and individual participants strongly condemn the horrendous massacre perpetrated by the Israeli military against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip on December 27th of this year, resulting in hundreds of injured and dead people, the majority civilians. This crime represents a dangerous increase in the permanent holocaust that is committed against the Palestinian people with United States financing and the world’s enabling, hypocritical, and disgraceful silence.

The biggest Israeli air attack in the past 40 years, carried out with F-16 planes and Apache helicopters supplied by the United States, was announced beforehand by the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni, who stated on December 9 that the Israeli army should carry out a large-scale military offensive in Gaza in retaliation for that which she described as “the violation of the truce.”

The operation against Hamas “is just beginning,” said Avi Benayahu, one of the Israeli military’s spokespersons, while Israel’s Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, declared that the attacks would continue for “as long as necessary,” and alluded to an imminent land invasion carried out by the military.

As always, Israel presents itself as the victim that demands the right of self-defense against terrorism, and the corporate media promotes the lie that the slaughter was in response to the Hamas party’s launching of Qassam missiles. In reality these missiles are symbolic and almost never cause Israeli victims. In fact, during the recent truce from June 19 to December 19, the Palestinians in Gaza didn’t kill a single Israeli civilian, while Israel killed 49 Palestinians. The argument of self-defense against terrorism is also used to justify the merciless blockade which began in January 2006 immediately after Hamas won the legislative elections.

Their goal? Punish the Palestinians in Gaza for having elected a government that is unacceptable for Israel. Thanks to this effort to starve to death Gaza inhabitants, the hospitals don’t have the necessary medicine, medical supplies, electricity, potable water, or food to care for the wounded. While the world leaders criticize Hamas’ provocations, they limit themselves to criticizing Israel’s “disproportional use of force.” However, the ferocity of this latest slaughter has provoked the rage of hundreds of thousands of people who are holding marches and rallies in many parts of the world.

Due to all of the above, we manifest our dignified rage against this genocidal attack against Gaza and we call upon the international community to resist the military offensive and exercise continual pressure on the Israeli government in order to stop the crimes against the Palestinian people.


Translation from Spanish by Kristin Bricker.

Festival de la Digna Rabia Condena el Ataque Israeli Contra Gaza

Desde el Festival de la Digna Rabia, las organizaciones, colectivos e individuos participantes condenamos enérgicamente la horrenda masacre perpetrada por el ejército israelí contra la población civil de la Franja de Gaza el 27 de diciembre de este año, resultando en cientos de personas muertas y heridas, la mayoría civiles. Este crimen representa un aumento peligroso del holocausto permanente que se comete contra el pueblo palestino con el financiamiento de Estados Unidos y el silencio cómplice, hipócrita e indigno del mundo

El mayor ataque aéreo israelí de los últimos 40 años, llevado a cabo con aviones F-16 y helicópteros Apache suministrados por Estados Unidos, fue anunciado de antemano por la ministra israelí de Asuntos Exteriores Tzipi Livni, quien afirmó el 9 de diciembre que el ejército israelí debería llevar a cabo una ofensiva militar a gran escala en Gaza como represalia por lo que ella describió como ?la violación de la tregua?.

La operación contra Hamas ?está tan sólo empezando?, dijo Avi Benayahu, uno de los portavoces del ejército israelí, mientras el ministro de Defensa de Israel, Ehud Barak, declaró que los ataques proseguirán mientras ?sea necesario? y aludió a una invasión terrestre inminente por parte del ejército.

Como siempre, Israel se presenta como la víctima que reclama el derecho a la auto-defensa contra el terrorismo, y los medios de comunicación principales promueven la mentira de que la matanza era en respuesta al lanzamiento por parte del partido Hamas de proyectiles caseros tipo Qassam. En realidad estos proyectiles son más bien simbólicos y casi nunca causan víctimas entre los israelíes. De hecho, durante el periodo de la reciente tregua desde el 19 de junio al 19 de diciembre, los palestinos de Gaza no mataron a un solo civil israelí mientras Israel mató a 49 palestinos.El argumento de la auto-defensa contra el terrorismo también se usa para justificar el despiadado bloqueo iniciado en enero de 2006
inmediatamente después de que Hamas ganara las elecciones legislativas.

¿Su propósito? Castigar a los palestinos de Gaza por haber elegido un gobierno inaceptable para Israel. Gracias a este esfuerzo para matar de hambre a los habitantes de Gaza, no hay medicamentos, ni insumos en los hospitales, ni energía eléctrica, agua potable o alimentos necesarios para atender a los heridos. Mientras los líderes mundiales critican a las provocaciones de Hamas, se limitan a criticar el ?uso desproporcionado de la fuerza? de Israel. Sin embargo, la ferocidad de esta última matanza ha provocadola ira de cientos de miles de personas que están celebrando marchas y mítines en muchas partes del mundo.

Por todo lo anterior, nosotras y nosotros manifestamos nuestra digna rabia contra este ataque genocida contra Gaza y llamamos a la comunidad internacional a resistir la ofensiva militar y ejercer presión sostenida contra el gobierno israelí para detener los crímenes contra el pueblo palestino.