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Film Screening and Raffle Draw – Friday 3 July

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A Big Noise Film

A Big Noise Film

Wellington Zapatista Solidarity and the Latin American Solidarity Committee proudly present

A screening of ‘The Fourth World War’ (2004, 75 minutes) and Raffle Draw

Friday 3rd July, 6-8pm

Newtown Community Hall, Daniell St, Newtown, Wellington

All proceeds go to the Latin America Solidarity Committee

The Wellington Zapatista Solidarity Committee and Latin America Solidarity Committee are organizing a raffle draw and film screening to raise funds for the people of Atenco, to aid them in their ongoing legal battle for the release of citizens wrongly imprisoned since 3 May 2006.

The screening will take place at the Newtown Community Hall on Daniell St on Friday 3rd of July, 6-8pm. The prize for the raffle will be a $50 voucher for Flying Burrito Brothers restaurant on Cuba Street.

The Fourth World is a documentary about the struggles of men and women around the world resisting global conflict across five continents. Shot on the front lines of struggles spanning five continents, this film is the untold story of men and women who resist being annihilated in the current global conflict. While our airwaves are crowded with a talk of a new world war, narrated by generals and filmed from the noses of bombs, the human face of war is rarely seen. The Fourth World War weaves together the images and voices of the war on the ground – from the front line struggles in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, ‘the North’ from Seattle to Geneva and the “War on terror” in New York and Iraq.

This is not about some distant foreign people dealing with equally distant and foreign problems; it’s about struggle and oppression, which can happen anywhere that people try to protect land and resources from the powers that be.

Raffle tickets ($2 for one ticket, $5 for three) will be available for purchase on the night.

For more information please email zapatistasolidarity(at)

Or visit

First Film Night of 2009 – ‘Cocalero’ Jan 25th at Happy

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The Latin America Solidarity Committee present,
What: A film on Bolivia “Cocalero”

When: Sunday, January 25th at 6pm

Where: Happy Bar at the corner of Tory and Vivian Streets

The 86-minute documentary centers on how the U.S. war on drugs imposed a terrible cost from the people in Bolivia who have been growing coca leaves for legitimate purposes for hundreds of years and how Bolivian farmers formed a union to respond the government and put forth their grievances.

In the last decade, Bolivia’s social movements have won significant power over their government. In the early 2000’s, Bolivia underwent a period of upheaval known in
local political discourse as “the process of change.” Many social movements emerged to help roll back 20 years of neoliberal policies that privatized public resources
and instituted other pro-market principles that did not benefit most Bolivians.

This popular resistance forced two presidents to resign, discredited Bolivia’s traditional political parties, and created the conditions for Evo Morales – along
with the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party – to become the country’s first indigenous president and the first ever to get a 54% majority. The promise of a new
constitution was at the centre of Morales’ presidential campaign.

This Jan. 25, 2009, Bolivians will be deciding on the proposed constitution, designed to empower Bolivia’s indigenous majority. For the first time, Bolivia’s
Magna Carta will recognize each of the country’s 36 indigenous nations and languages as “official languages” of the state, along with Spanish. The document will also
recognize its’ Afro-Bolivian population, for the 1st time!

Come and share the celebration and hope that Change does happen.

The film is presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

Film and Speaker – Sat 6 December

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The Zapatista Solidarity Committee is supporting a talk and a showing of the latest Hands Off Venezuela campaign film “No Volveran”.

Where: Newtown Community Center,corner of Colombo and Rintoul St.

When: 5-8pm the Saturday the 6th of Dec.

The Speaker—

John Peterson is one of the founders of the Workers International League and Chief Editor of the Marxist journal Socialist Appeal. He is an Americas correspondent for the popular “In Defence of Marxism” website ( In addition, he is also the National Secretary for the U.S. Hands Off Venezuela Campaign. He is active in the local and national anti-war, immigrant rights and Latin America solidarity movements and has spoken on these and other subjects across the U.S. as well as Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Britain, Italy, Belgium and France.

The Film—

‘No Volverán – The Venezuelan Revolution Now’, an exciting feature length documentary about the Venezuelan Revolution. In this in-depth investigation the film makers take us on a journey through the fervor of the Presidential Elections in December 2006, traveling deep into the shanty towns (barrios), and to several factories under workers’ control, to find out why there is a movement to over-through Capitalism, what Socialism of the 21st Century is, and how it is changing people’s lives. Community activists show us around their neighborhoods in the barrios to see first hand how difficult life is for the urban poor. Residents tell us how they used to struggle daily against poverty, crime and police brutality. They felt abandoned by previous governments, and when they tried to organise they were often oppressed. But life here has clearly changed.

Following these workers and others, the film takes us on a journey through the politics of past and present. Francisco Rivero, National Director of Ideology of the Movement for Direct Democracy, takes us through the different stages of the revolution, and explains that Socialism of the 21st century is a complete break from many of the previous so-called socialist ideologies. These were run from above by bureaucracies. Socialism of the 21st century is democratic socialism, where political power is transferred to the common people. Here ordinary working people must take over the running of society.

The Talk—

The talk will be from 5 to 6pm, film showing from 6 to 7:30pm and will have time to answer questions and discuss afterwards.

There will be refreshments provided,

Entry by Koha
All proceeds to support Zapatista health care provision in Chiapas, Mexico

Hope to see you all there!

All this for selling flowers? Movie and discussion Weds 24 Sept

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A screening and discussion of the film ‘Atenco:Break the Seige’

Wednesday 24 September, 6.30pm
Happy, corner of Vivian and Tory Sts, Wellington
entry by koha/donation

On the 3rd of May 2006 in Texcoco, Mexico: Farmers selling flowers were attacked by police who wrecked their stalls and removed them from the market. Residents from the nearby town of San Salvador Atenco came to the aid of the farmers and confronted the police. 4000 armed police officers laid siege to the small town of Atenco, brutally repressing the population. Riot police moved systematically throughout the town, smashing their way into houses and savagely beating the occupants – irrespective of age or gender.

14-year old Francisco Javier Santiago, was shot at point-blank range by a police officer. He died immediately. Twenty-year old Alexis Benhumea was struck in the head by a tear gas canister fired by the police. Denied medical attention, he lapsed into a coma, and died one month later. Over 200 people were arrested, and eighteen ‘disappeared’, all beaten at the hands of the police. However, the worst was still to come;

Of the 47 women arrested almost all were gang-raped and /or sexually abused by the Mexican police, on the specific orders of their superiors. These most brutal tactics of repression were carried out by uniformed representatives of the State as part of a deliberate attempt to terrorise the population they are sworn to protect. These vile acts were part of a deliberate attempt on the part of the Mexican State to punish the people of Atenco for their defeat of an airport expansion programme in 2004, and the farmers of Texcoco for standing in the way of construction of a new Wal-Mart superstore.

Now on 21 August 2008, Peña Nieto (Governor of the State of Mexico) sentenced 10 of those detained since May 2006, to jail terms of 31 years and 11 months each. Additionally Ignacio del Valle of the People’s Front in Defense of the Land (FPDT in its Spanish initials), was sentenced to 45 years, to be added to his current 67 year sentence, bringing his total sentence to 122 years. Felipe Álvarez and Héctor Galindo (both also of the FPDT) also remain unjustly incarcerated, having been
sentenced to 67 years each in 2007.

This is but one example of the world-wide phenomenon where politicians in the pockets of businessmen send armed gangs to trample human life and dignity in their mad scramble for profit.

The Wellington Zapatista Support Group proudly present a screening of the film ‘Atenco: Break the Seige’ and discussion about Atenco on Wednesday 24th September, 6.30pm, at Happy, corner Vivian and Tory Sts, Wellington. Entry is by koha/donation with all proceeds going to support the political prisoners of Atenco and their families.

More about the film:

Atenco: Break the Seige
Produced By Canal 6 de Julio and Promedios

This video analyzes the events in San Salvador Atenco during the first days of May, 2006 and denounces the violation of the civilian population’s human rights by state and federal police forces. The documentary deconstructs the mass media’s operating methods, which were responsible for creating a climate of fear and an information blockade on the events in San Salvador Atenco, in the midst of an especially delicate situation: the 2006 process of presidential succession in Mexico.

NOTE: Much of the violence in Atenco was captured by television cameras, but few outside of Mexico have seen this footage. The filmmakers present not only the in-the-street shots of police savagely beating “anything that moved,” but also clips of the commercial news anchors flagrantly calling out for more repression of the popular movement from the state. combined with Canal 6 de Julio and Promedios’ own work investigating the scene in Atenco and interviewing many of the townspeople, this is a powerful document of a turning point in Mexican history.

Friday 8 August: ‘Zapata’s Garden’ Film Screening and Raffle Draw

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You are invited to:

Zapata’s Garden – Film Screening and Raffle Draw

Friday 8 August, from 8.00 pm
at Happy, corner of Tory and Vivian Streets, Wellington. Entry by koha.

All proceeds from this fundraising event will go towards assisting the people of the Caracol of La Garrucha to deliver basic health services.

The Wellington Zapatista Support Group is organising a raffle draw and a screening to raise awareness of the struggles of some indigenous peoples in Mexico.

The first prize of the raffle draw will be the fascinating autographed book of “Las noches de fuego y desvelo”, an erotic novel by Subcomandante Marcos. The Second prize will be a copy of “Filosofía y educación”, Doctoral Thesis of Rafael Sebastián Guillén Vicente, widely believed to be Subcomandante Marcos.

“Zapata´s garden” is shot and produced by indigenous people in the Autonomous Municipaltiy of Emiliano Zapata. This video looks at the new society that the Zapatistas are building. Fighting the effects of globalization and government corruption, community members talk about
the importance of collective work in building up this new society, “We don’t want things to be as they were before. Now we have land to work, and with it we will feed ourselves and our children.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to know more about the Zapatistas and join us at Happy on the corner of Tory and Vivian streets, Friday August 8.00 pm. Admission to the screening is by koha.

For more information see:

Next Event: Raffle Draw, Film and Fiesta- Friday 8 August

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Thanks to everyone who came to our last film night on July 16th.

Our next event will be on Friday 8 August at Happy (corner Tory and Vivian Streets) from 8-10pm. Entry by koha/donation.

We will be showing and discussing a short film and celebrating the drawing of our raffle with a surprise or two…

The first prize for the raffle is an autographed copy of “Nights of Fire and Sleeplessness” an illustrated erotic novel by Zapatista spokesperson Subcommandante Marcos (in spanish, with illustrations by Antonio Ramírez)

We will be showing another film made by Zapatista communities about their lives and struggle. More details about the film will be announced soon!

And as usual we will have information about the Zapatistas for you to take away, and some crafts for sale too.

If you would like to buy a raffle ticket or just want more information, please email


Wellington Zapatista Support Group

New paths in Resistance – Zapatista Film Screening 16 July

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“The War of fear” (2002, 26 mins)
and “Caracoles: new paths in resistance” (2003, 42 mins)

Wednesday 16 July, from 6.30 pm at Happy, corner of Tory and Vivian Streets, Wellington.
Entry by koha / donation.

All proceeds from this fundraising event will go towards assisting the Caracol of La Garrucha to deliver basic health services.

The Wellington Zapatista Support Group is organising monthly film screenings to raise awareness of the plight of indigenous peoples in Mexico. This screening is the second of a series of documentaries made by Zapatista communities explaining their resistance movement and how it is organized.

‘The war of fear: cases of harassment against autonomous communities’ explains how the Mexican government has combated the Zapatista uprising. Small paramilitary groups have been employed to wage a low intensity war against the autonomous communities. Since 2000, there have been more than 16 paramilitary groups operating in the state of Chiapas.

‘Caracoles: new paths in resistance’ tells the story about the creation of the Caracoles. Since 1994, Zapatista indigenous communities have formed 30 autonomous municipalities, which today cover more than half of the state of Chiapas. In order to confront the challenges of self-governance and to construct a more direct bridge to the rest of the world, the Zapatistas announced the birth of the CARACOLES.

Unlike many indigenous communities reduced to accepting token government hand-outs, the Zapatistas are committed to the peaceful development and provision of their own health, education and justice systems.

Please join us at Happy on the corner of Tory and Vivian streets, Wednesday July 16, 6.30 pm. Admission to the screening is by koha.

Urgent Communique From the Zapatistas – Thursday 4 June, 2008:

More on the Zapatista movement: (in Spanish)