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Film Screening and Raffle Draw – Friday 3 July

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A Big Noise Film

A Big Noise Film

Wellington Zapatista Solidarity and the Latin American Solidarity Committee proudly present

A screening of ‘The Fourth World War’ (2004, 75 minutes) and Raffle Draw

Friday 3rd July, 6-8pm

Newtown Community Hall, Daniell St, Newtown, Wellington

All proceeds go to the Latin America Solidarity Committee

The Wellington Zapatista Solidarity Committee and Latin America Solidarity Committee are organizing a raffle draw and film screening to raise funds for the people of Atenco, to aid them in their ongoing legal battle for the release of citizens wrongly imprisoned since 3 May 2006.

The screening will take place at the Newtown Community Hall on Daniell St on Friday 3rd of July, 6-8pm. The prize for the raffle will be a $50 voucher for Flying Burrito Brothers restaurant on Cuba Street.

The Fourth World is a documentary about the struggles of men and women around the world resisting global conflict across five continents. Shot on the front lines of struggles spanning five continents, this film is the untold story of men and women who resist being annihilated in the current global conflict. While our airwaves are crowded with a talk of a new world war, narrated by generals and filmed from the noses of bombs, the human face of war is rarely seen. The Fourth World War weaves together the images and voices of the war on the ground – from the front line struggles in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, ‘the North’ from Seattle to Geneva and the “War on terror” in New York and Iraq.

This is not about some distant foreign people dealing with equally distant and foreign problems; it’s about struggle and oppression, which can happen anywhere that people try to protect land and resources from the powers that be.

Raffle tickets ($2 for one ticket, $5 for three) will be available for purchase on the night.

For more information please email zapatistasolidarity(at)

Or visit

Next Event: Raffle Draw, Film and Fiesta- Friday 8 August

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Thanks to everyone who came to our last film night on July 16th.

Our next event will be on Friday 8 August at Happy (corner Tory and Vivian Streets) from 8-10pm. Entry by koha/donation.

We will be showing and discussing a short film and celebrating the drawing of our raffle with a surprise or two…

The first prize for the raffle is an autographed copy of “Nights of Fire and Sleeplessness” an illustrated erotic novel by Zapatista spokesperson Subcommandante Marcos (in spanish, with illustrations by Antonio Ramírez)

We will be showing another film made by Zapatista communities about their lives and struggle. More details about the film will be announced soon!

And as usual we will have information about the Zapatistas for you to take away, and some crafts for sale too.

If you would like to buy a raffle ticket or just want more information, please email


Wellington Zapatista Support Group