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Friday 8 August: ‘Zapata’s Garden’ Film Screening and Raffle Draw

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You are invited to:

Zapata’s Garden – Film Screening and Raffle Draw

Friday 8 August, from 8.00 pm
at Happy, corner of Tory and Vivian Streets, Wellington. Entry by koha.

All proceeds from this fundraising event will go towards assisting the people of the Caracol of La Garrucha to deliver basic health services.

The Wellington Zapatista Support Group is organising a raffle draw and a screening to raise awareness of the struggles of some indigenous peoples in Mexico.

The first prize of the raffle draw will be the fascinating autographed book of “Las noches de fuego y desvelo”, an erotic novel by Subcomandante Marcos. The Second prize will be a copy of “Filosofía y educación”, Doctoral Thesis of Rafael Sebastián Guillén Vicente, widely believed to be Subcomandante Marcos.

“Zapata´s garden” is shot and produced by indigenous people in the Autonomous Municipaltiy of Emiliano Zapata. This video looks at the new society that the Zapatistas are building. Fighting the effects of globalization and government corruption, community members talk about
the importance of collective work in building up this new society, “We don’t want things to be as they were before. Now we have land to work, and with it we will feed ourselves and our children.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to know more about the Zapatistas and join us at Happy on the corner of Tory and Vivian streets, Friday August 8.00 pm. Admission to the screening is by koha.

For more information see:


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FIRST PRIZE: Autographed copy of NOCHES DE FUEGO Y DESVELO an erotic novel by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, illustrated by Antonio Ramírez (Measures 27cm x 40.5cm or 10.5ins x 16ins)

SECOND PRIZE: Copy of “Filosofia y Educacion” Doctoral Thesis of Rafael Sebastian Guillen Vicente (widely believe to be El Sub. Marcos!)

DRAWN: 08 August 2008 (129th Anniversary of Zapata’s birth), at HAPPY Cnr Tory & Vivian Street, Wellington, New Zealand. (Prizes couriered to any international winners)

TICKETS: $5 each, or a book of ten for $45 Only 1500 tickets available, so be quick!!!!

Contacts for tickets/donations/more info:

Julie Webb-Pullman – (Australia)
Lucia Zanmonti – (New Zealand)


In rural Chiapas, Mexico there is only one doctor for every 25,000 people. Over 70% of the population is Indigenous, and over 70% of them suffer from malnutrition, with 33% of children suffering extreme malnutrition. The majority of illnesses in their communities are preventable, including diarrhoea, intestinal parasites, respiratory diseases such as TB, skin parasites, typhoid fever, skin mycosis and Hepatitis B. The Mexican Government provides services only to those in political agreement them, and whom it can regulate through its international donors. This means that not only do Indigenous autonomous communities not receive these public funds, but also that many of the resources that arrive in Chiapas do not support direct community involvement in the development and provision of health services.

La Garrucha is one of five Zapatista Caracoles who have turned their backs on the Government after 500 years of neglect, and determined to develop and provide their own health services, establishing micro-clinics in every community, and now building larger clinics in each municipality.

La Garrucha Health Project

The micro-clinics are all staffed by health promoters who are members of the community, and continue with their work in the fields and homes in addition to their health practitioner responsibilities. They receive training in health care from NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders and Marie Stopes International, and Mexican and international volunteer health practitioners. There are currently 255 health promoters with various degrees of training and skill – some very experienced with 15 years or more of service provision in their communities, others with only a few months training. They need ongoing training over several years to build up their skills base, and the Wellington Zapatista Support Group is committed to fundraising to finance the necessary training workshops for the health promoters of the La Garrucha caracol in the Selva Zone. Please join us in this important work, helping the Zapatistas construct accessible, acceptable and appropriate autonomous health services.