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June Film Night – Against War in Chiapas: Breaking The Silence, Speaking Against Injustice

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On Wednesday 4 June 2008, several indigenous communities in La Garrucha were invaded by the Mexican military, under the pretense that they are growing marijuana. The communities managed to rebuff them but the army has threatened to return by June 18. As solidarity actions take place worldwide, the Wellington Zapatista Support Group announces the screening of two films made by the Zapatistas that give context and background to the current military invasion.

We Speak Against Injustice (2003, 34 mins)

and The Silence of the Zapatistas (2001, 12 mins)

Tuesday 24 June, 8pm start

at Happy, corner of Tory and Vivian Sts, Wellington City

entry by koha/donation

All proceeds from this fundraising event will go towards assisting the Caracol* of La Garrucha to deliver basic health services.

The Wellington Zapatista Support Group is organising monthly film screenings to raise awareness of the plight of indigenous peoples in Mexico. This screening is the first in a series of documentaries made by Zapatista communities, explaining their resistance movement and how it is organized.

‘We Speak Against Injustice’ and ‘The Silence of the Zapatistas’ tell the story of the popular struggle for the rights of indigenous peoples in Mexico. Military and paramilitary violence against Zapatista communities is seen in the context of globalization: The state and federal government uses violence to pressure Zapatista communities to leave their land, so that natural resources can be exploited.

Unlike many indigenous communities reduced to accepting government hand-outs, the Zapatistas are committed to the peaceful development and provision of their own health, education and justice systems. All proceeds from this fundraising event will go towards assisting the Caracol of La Garrucha to deliver basic health services.

Please join us at Happy on the corner of Tory and Vivian streets, Tuesday 24 June, 8.00 pm. Admission to the screening is by koha.

*The Caracoles are physical spaces built by the Zapatistas to organise their autonomy – a bit like the seats of government or the parliaments of each Zapatista zone.


Urgent Communique From the Zapatistas – Thursday 4 June, 2008

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