Home of the Compañero Manuel blog on the Zapatistas & Mexico


1. Zibechi: A Left for Century XXI– Zibechi talks about the “will to sacrifice” that the life Che Guevara inspired, and the need for that will to sacrifice in today’s left.

2. Oxchuc: From a post-electoral conflict to a social one– This update on the occupation of the municipal building in the municipio (county) of Oxchuc, Chiapas, reveals a history of political bossism and the influence of Zapatista ideas on the citizens’ movement in the indigenous county. The citizens are protesting the election and alleged corruption of the mayor and her husband.

3.Child victims of the War in Chiapas– After 15 years, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights facilitated a settlement agreement between the government and victims of an anti-personnel grenade explosion in Chiapas.


4. Mexico City’s Water Crisis – For anyone interested in Mexico City’s water crisis, the Guardian has an in-depth piece in both English y el español:



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