“The project of the NAICM will lead to water shortage” Vandana Shiva in Atenco



Mexico City. 14 August 2016. "At some point it will lead to a water shortage" said Vandana Shiva and Sebastiao Pinheiro during their visit to Atenco yesterday. With members of the Peoples Front in Defence of Land (FPDT) they toured the lands of Atenco that the government intends to dispossess in order to be part of the new airport in Mexico City (NAICM). They arrived early in the camp that is located in the area where they intend to build one of the access roads.

Vandana, winner of the alternative Nobel prize for the environment, asked Mexicans not to allow life to be exterminated and to come to support the movement of the FPDT and all those who oppose the construction of the airport in these lands.

Meanwhile, members of the FPDT told the environmentalists that in these lands they grow crops of pumpkins, olives, corn and rosemary, among other products that represent their subsistence and survival.


Sebastiao Pinheiro said that the cause of FPDT is a common cause because, both in Brazil and Mexico they are destroying the environment: "We live together, we die together."

Vandana Shiva and Pinheiro and were invited to Mexico by the Department of Agroecology of the Univeristy of Chapingo (Uach) and by the environmental organizations Karen Hansen of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and Without Corn there is no Country.


With their symbolic machetes of the members of FPDT led by Ignacio del Valle and Trinidad Ramirez, held high, Vandana Shiva cried "Zapata Lives!"

Posted by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity on 15/08/2016

“El proyecto del NAICM implicará falta de agua”: Vandana Shiva en Atenco

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