Zapatista News & Analysis

1. They’ll build 3 National Guard barracks in Chiapas– These new barracks will be build in areas used by migrants as a result of AMLO’s promise to Trump to send National Guard troops to Mexico’s southern border in order to curb migration. This, of course, adds to the militarization of an already militarized state.

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2. For life and against war in the Zapatista communitiesGilberto López y Rivas analyzes the dangerous situation in Chiapas and other indigenous regions in resistance: militarization, counterinsurgency, paramilitary groups, federal troops entering communities saying that war is coming, and the National Guard. He concludes that there is a danger of another Acteal. A good read!

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3. CNI-CIG-EZLN communiqué on the violence against the original peoples– This communiqué denounces a number of violent aggressions against indigenous communities, some deadly, including the narco-paramilitary circle around communities in Chilapa, Guerrero belonging to the CIPOG-EZ, a member organization of the CNI-CIG. They call on us to be attentive to the situation in Chilapa where 4 people have already been murdered.

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4. Marichuy: Militarization, to assure dispossession against indigenous peoples– María de Jesus Patricio Martínez (Marichuy) says that the main objective of Mexico’s new National Guard is to assure the imposition of megaprojects and the subjection of the indigenous peoples. She talks about her campaign and the fact that indigenous peoples have not yet seen any change since the new president took power. Excellent interview!

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5. EZLN—CNI-CIG: Stop the narco-paramilitary war against the CIPOG-EZ – The EZLN-CNI-CIG denounce the murder and dismemberment of 2 more compañeros of the CIPOG-EZ in Guerrero and name the paramilitary groups that are terrorizing that region of Chiapas.

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