Former students at La Garrucha in Solidarity with the Zapatistas

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Former students at the escuelita in La Garrucha: Zapatista compas we are here!

To the men, women and children of Caracol III:
Resistance Towards a New Dawn, La Garrucha,
To the Good government junta The way of the future,
To the men and women of the EZLN,
To the sixth,
To the men and women of Mexico and the world who walk and feel below and to the left.

August 2014
Compañeros and compañeras:

We, the undersigned individuals and groups, had the honour of being in the Rebel territory of La Garrucha during the Zapatista escuelita in August 2013. When we set foot on that dignified and rebel territory, we knew from the beginning that nothing would be the same for us, we learned much from you and you shared much with us, it was not only the corn, tortillas, pozol, beans, the house where you welcomed us, the steps, the talks, the laughs and the good times that affected us, it was also the rage and rebellion which today, perhaps more than before, will make us turn to see and feel with the heart when they harass, attack and intimidate the Zapatista children, men and women who were and are our teachers, guardians (votanes), companions and compas.

Quite often, our families talked to us about not being afraid to change things, to take life in our hands, we often received the advice that we should carry on in the best way we can with the struggle to change this world, to make it better. Autonomy and liberty come at a cost – they told us – but in the end the results are there, and so we saw it and lived it.

For 20 years we have walked, we have learned from the Zapatistas, but the Zapatista escuelita was undoubtedly the most profound experience, which means that for us today nothing can be the same.

The paramilitaries, the government programmes, the systematic harassment, the taunts and the murders have always tried, over many years, to crush the rebellion which is made concrete daily in autonomy – our compas told us – "but we are still here" – they said.

Well we are also still here compas, we are here watching, feeling and we will not stop saying that we are watching what the bad government has been doing since votan Galeano was cowardly murdered … but the compa died in order to live.

And he lives in each one of us and we very humbly tell you, that when we say that nothing can be the same for us, it is because every day we look in the mirror and we tell ourselves that we can create something else, other steps can walk with dignity and we have yours as an example.

Today we not only say that we condemn the recent attacks perpetrated by members of ORCAO against our Zapatista compas, today we say that we are feeling these attacks and the only thing we can do is to keep on giving – as they say continue the struggle – we will keep on giving as we can from our spaces of struggle to tell the bad governments that we do not give up, we do not forget, we do not sell out and we keep looking and feeling the rebellion of the Zapatista men, women and children who are seed, walk and path .

That was the lesson that the escuelita left us and as the students we were, we are still here!

You are not alone, you are not alone!
Galeano lives!

In solidarity
Former students of the Zapatista escuelita in the autonomous rebel territory of La Garrucha:

Anaid, México
Carla Peracchi, Barcelona
Claudia I. Espinosa Díaz, México
Iván de Jesús Rodríguez Muñoz, México
Miguel Ángel Martínez Ramírez, México
Yael García, Chiapas, México
Colectivo Les trois passants, Francia

ATENCO, PRESS RELEASE – Atenco and Texcoco are not for sale! The land is not a commodity!

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August 22, 2014

Urgent communique from the Peoples Front in Defence of the Land (FPDT): August 22, 2014 – Atenco and Texcoco are not for sale! The land is not a commodity!




Today, August 22, the Agrarian Tribunal, based in Texcoco, cited the first hearing of the lawsuit filed by two ejidatarios, defenders of the land, to demand the annulment of the ejidal assembly of June 1 and the suspension of the act resulting from this in the National Agrarian Registry (RAN), given the legal inconsistencies and corruption that prevail.

From very early in the morning, the Peoples’ Front in Defence of the Land, the population of the neighbouring communities, compañer@s in solidarity and the alternative media, were walking along the federal highway from Mexico to Lechería to go to the agrarian Court which is located in one of the streets in the centre of Texcoco.

When they had almost arrived, dozens of PRI members and a group of young people, many of whom were their relatives, and identified as such since 1 June, wearing shirts with the words "Atenco, peace and progress," just as in the ejidal assembly of 1 June, this time tried to block the passage and attacked the demonstration, which had as its main objective to get to the Land Court and accompany the hearing from outside.

Meanwhile, inside the Land Court, the secretary of agreements, Moisés Jiménez, in the absence of Judge Daniel Magaña – with whom he was communicating by telephone – asked the defendant, the ejidal commissioner, to submit the minutes of the convocations (18 May and 1 June) and the resulting minutes of the assembly, to which he replied that they had brought nothing, because the RAN had them; for this reason, in turn, the secretary asked the RAN to present them on the 8th of September at 10am. Thus another hearing date was settled. Concerning the latter, we emphasize that the registration of the minutes in the RAN was already suspended several weeks ago and the gentlemen of the ejidal commission have already been notified, so that we can understand the aggressions and provocations that were generated on this day as the only option and reaction faced with the evident illegality with which they are conducting the handing over of the land into private hands.

It should be noted that the secretary Moisés Jiménez asked our compañeros, the applicants, if the members of the FPDT, communities and solidarity organizations would suspend the demonstration, to which they replied that not only do they all have the right to protest and free expression, but also that those responsible for the outbreak of provocations and violence are the same people who are accompanying the president of the ejidal commission.

The provocation by the Priistas was reactivated again to hamper the defence of the land. Once again they used their shock group, beating the compañeros and compañeras, and also the compañer@s from the alternative media whose cameras they tried to steal.

With this action, which is nothing new, they are trying to raise a new threshold of repression and immobility for our peoples, defenders of the earth. It happened in 2006, and they intend to continue with the same strategy of sowing preliminary investigations, to be followed by the planting of crimes against the population who openly reaffirm our love for the land and go by the route of legal defence and organized and peaceful social mobilization.

Do not be fooled. The problem is not of a people fighting amongst each other, the problem is to defend the Earth against the great dispossession operated by successive governments for the benefit of large corporations who insist on becoming owners of our country over the heads of hundreds of peoples who defend and exercise our right and obligation to struggle to defend what belongs to the people. The shock groups of the PRI, the sellouts, the loan sharks, are doing the dirty work on a much deeper problem where at stake are the freedom, the sovereignty and the future of our country.

We reaffirm our love for our Mother Earth, and our decision to defend her as another social right not only of the ejidatarios, heirs of the revolutionary struggle, but also of the population in general.

Let Enrique Peña Nieto and the sellout mafias understand, let the lords of money understand: THE EARTH IS NOT A COMMODITY; THE LAND, THE WATER AND ALL WHO REST THERE BELONG TO THE PEOPLES AND THEIR CHILDREN WHO CULTIVATE AND DEFEND HER.

We call on the people of Mexico and the world, to lend your eyes to this piece of homeland where, like other exemplary peoples, we are still raising the machete and dignity in defence of land and life.

The next hearing will be on September 8 at 10 am in the same agrarian Court of Texcoco.

A few moments ago, the defenders of the land of the people of the water’s edge returned to the square of San Salvador Atenco, where they are concentrating to denounce what has happened.

We thank you for circulating this news and providing accompaniment.



Peoples’ Front in Defence of the Land

Atenco: 100 Organizations agree on a Plan of Action in Defence of the Land and Against the Reforms

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10548832_744191868955841_9017347009798054978_o (1)

Organizations meet in San Salvador Atenco


**Campesinos and social groups create front for resistance and legal strategy

**At the conclusion of the forum, they denounce that the theft of water, property and rights is a daily reality

By: Javier Salinas Cesáreo, Correspondent

La Jornada, Monday, August 18, 2014

San Salvador Atenco, Mexico, August 17, 2014

Representatives of some 100 campesino, union and social organizations defined a plan of action in defence of the land, the water and against the dispossession of the peoples and against the approved structural reforms, in which are included mobilizations during the national days of Corn and of the Electric Industry, as well as during the commemoration of 100 years since the meeting between Zapata and Villa.

The plan of action also includes the integration of a front of resistance and the formation of a legal strategy starting with the recent constitutional modifications, as well as the promotion of collective protection orders against the reforms.

One of the first actions will be a march this August 22 from San Salvador Atenco to the Texcoco courts, which will be led by the Peoples’ Front in Defence of Land (FPDT, its initials in Spanish), to participate in a hearing, following the provisional suspension granted by a judge against the assembly of the ejidal commission of the town of Atenco, held last June, in which the change of land use was approved for more than one thousand hectares of common use land into their full control so as to be able to dispose of them.

This approval signifies the first step towards the sale of the lands to the federal government so that it can carry out the Future City Projects there, with the construction of highways, a zone of mitigation, the rescue of Lake Texcoco and the building of an alternative airport for Mexico City.

Final declaration

During Saturday and Sunday, some 400 activists participated in the National Gathering Workdays in Defence of the Land, Water and Life, and through five work groups, they defined the action plan and formed commissions to follow up on it.

“Dispossession is a daily reality that we all suffer: dispossession of land, water, air, biodiversity, our wisdom, family and community patrimony, of the common wealth, individual and collective rights. It is not something new, but, in the times of neoliberalism, dispossession has intensified. Megaprojects are imposed without the consent of the communities. Mining projects, dams, highways and pipelines dispossess us.

“In the last 30 years, institutional powers and the powers behind them have carried out a systematic dismantling of the State and of the legal framework in Mexico. A series of reforms to the Constitution and laws of a structural character have been imposed, as well as the ratification and strengthening of free trade agreements, which have destroyed the norms that permit the peoples to defend the social fabric and community life.

“The most recent demonstration of this assault is the flood of reforms driven by the government of Enrique Peña Nieto. This entire package of modifications places the country and everything in it up for sale,” the meeting’s final declaration stated.

Translated by: Chiapas Support Committee

Edited by: Dorset Chiapas Solidarity

The 10-year anniversary of the death of Infantry Lieutenant Insurgente Eleazar: August 25th 2014

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10606085_700003896742294_844451220084414248_nThis August 25 marks the 10-year anniversary of the death of Infantry Lieutenant Insurgente Eleazar. In 2004, really in 2003, he began to show signs of the kind of illness that only appears on Doctor House or stuff like that. It is called Guillain-Barré, and it consists of a gradual decline of all systems of the body until the patient dies. There is no cure, and the patient must be kept connected to life support.

When he began to get sick they took him to a hospital in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. They diagnosed him with this illness and told him that he should just go home, that it wasn’t that serious. But when I heard what he had I knew what they meant by those instructions. The doctors, when they saw that he was indigenous, knew he would not be able to pay for treatment. It’s really treatment for survival, not a cure.

So, this illness… in Chiapas, and I imagine in the rest of the country, doctors calculate whether the patient is going to be able to pay for treatment or not. If, according to their calculations, the answer is no, then the doctor tells the patient they don’t have anything, gives them a few placebos so they think they are going to get better, and sends them home to die.

But we refused to accept that. We began to spend from the war funds, the resistance funds, until we couldn’t maintain him any longer. At that point, we’re talking about 2003 when a certain artistic intellectual sector still loved us, we asked them for help so that we could keep our compañero alive. They laughed at us. Apparently the indigenous can die of smallpox, measles, typhoid, all these kinds of things, but not of such an, shall we say, aristocratic illness, as Guillain-Barré, which happens to only one in a million.

When we couldn’t maintain him any longer, we took Lieutenant Eleazar to Oventic and, with the equipment we were able to get there, we kept him alive until one August 25, ten years ago, when he died.

Systematic attacks and forced displacement. Violence against Zapatistas intensifies.

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Written by Carlos Ogaz




“Where is the peace that Peña Nieto speaks so much of? Is this the peace that Manuel Velasco talks about? And yes, if this, what they are doing to the Zapatista support base compañeros, happened to the Municipal President of Ocosingo, Octavio Albores, would he believe that this is peace? They should think if they want peace. Because they are responsible for everything that may happen or will happen.”

Authorities of the Good Government Junta of La Garrucha

In recent months there has been an escalation of violence on the part of paramilitary groups – disguised as social organizations – against the support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (BAEZLN). In May there was the murder of José Luis Solís López in Caracol I La Realidad, and the destruction of the autonomous school and clinic by the Independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos – Historical (CIOAC-H). From 25 July until now, members of the Regional Organization of Autonomous Coffee Growers of Ocosingo (ORCAO) have been constantly threatening, harassing with firearms and attacking the BAEZLN of the Autonomous Municipality of San Manuel, part of Caracol III La Garrucha.

The acts of harassment and threats of displacement in the Autonomous Municipality began on 25 July; however, in a communique dated August 14, 2014 and signed by the autonomous authorities of the Caracol of La Garrucha, they say that "we did not want to make it public, due to the sharing (exchange) being held in the Caracol of La Realidad from 4 to 9 August, so as not to interfere with the great sharing between the original peoples of this country." At this meeting Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés told the free media what had happened to the Support Bases of San Manuel:

"What happened there is that the government party supporters, together with the government who organises them to displace us, who want to enter the reclaimed land, came to harass … They came on the 25th, from a village called Pojcol … The land they went to is communal land of the Autonomous Municipality … Then they arrived, they took their positions. They were waiting to see what they would do to them, to get them out, which was not done. Then (July 30) what they did was they sprayed everything … and then they took cattle which the compañeros had there, so they could eat the pasture and they died … again they returned (August 1) at 2 in the morning, about 100 metres away they surrounded the village and started shooting. And then what the compañeros did was to take out the children and women, and the compañeros stayed there, to see if they really would go in. It was a measure in case they were so serious that they would kill … The next night they returned and went in once again. They killed animals as well, but they not only killed them, they also stole them, because they took away the meat, and another of the animals which they could not take down, they left injured."

On August 1, through press bulletin No. 22, the Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Centre (Frayba) documented the forced displacement of 32 Support Bases from the community of Egipto, belonging to the Caracol of La Garrucha, "The incidents occurred….. when a group of armed people from the Ejido Pojcol, Municipality of Chilón, entered the land for collective work…. and fired gunshots", immediately after, members of the paramilitary organization headed for the autonomous community, so the support bases, in order to avoid attack and confrontation, were forcibly displaced. "On 2nd August, at 0:30 am, walking throughout the night until they came to another Zapatista village."

The attacks against the BAEZLN are executed systematically; there is, without doubt, coordination between ORCAO and CIOAC-H, since the signs demanding justice for compañero Galeano (and which identify Peña Nieto And Manuel Velasco as the main orchestrators of these new attacks) have been burned, in this way demonstrating that the response organised, along with the support of national and international civil society, against the attacks on the Zapatistas, infuriate "the supreme paramilitary chiefs."

The Centre for Human Rights founded by Bishop Samuel Ruíz, in the urgent action issued on August 7, recounts further provocations, and death threats against those who day by day sustain the Zapatista project. On August 6, about 15 armed men, on board trucks coming from the "direction of Pojcol," entered the land for collective work of the Autonomous Municipality of San Manuel; they cut down trees, took away the wood and fired in to the air. When the paramilitaries were leaving the collective land, "as they passed the house of a BAEZLN they fired ​​five shots. At 14:51 pm, while crossing the community of Kexil, they fired two shots at the roof of the home of a BAEZLN of that community. The trucks continued towards the ejido Pojcol."

On August 13, 2014, by agreement of the Zone of the JBG of La Garrucha, the Nuevo Poblado [new community] “San Jacinto" was founded in collective land in the Municipality of San Manuel; it was made up of nine Zapatista families, they built nine houses (in one of them there was a grocery store); The next day, a group of 18 people armed with shotguns and .22 calibre weapons, from the community of Pojcol, municipality of Chilón, surrounded the field for collective work and began shooting into the air for 40 minutes. According to testimonies of people who slept there that night, which were collected by Frayba, the attackers shouted "these weapons we use are from the government", "these lands are ours and do not belong to those fucking Zapatistas,” and gave the support bases 6 hours to leave the area.

Meanwhile, the Good Government Junta of La Garrucha denounced that during these same incidents, the 18 people from Pojcol "fired guns of different calibres, the bullets went in to the walls of the houses, on to the roofs of the houses, and the compañeros were sleeping there and at this time the compañeros had to be withdrawn in the early hours of the morning to seek shelter in another Zapatista village, leaving everything, they just took what they were wearing."

This series of incidents only represents a small example of the recent escalation of violence, which has been implemented by paramilitary groups such as ORCAO and CIOAC-H, with the backing of the local, state and federal governments, against the Zapatistas. They are acts of attrition aimed at undermining the resistance, with the aim of provoking violent responses on the part of the BAEZLN, in order to have an armed pretext, making use of a false discourse around the conflict, calling it "inter-community", with the intention of concealing the true counterinsurgency war in Chiapas.

Brigada a La Garrucha

Brigada a La Garrucha

International Support for the Zapatista Peoples against the counterinsurgency war in Chiapas

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To National and International Civil Society,

To the National and International Sixth,

To the free, autonomous, independent media or whatever they are called,

To the Good Government Juntas,

To the EZLN,

To the support bases of the EZLN,


Companeras, Companeros,

From our corners of this planet in resistance and rebellion against capitalism, we come together to publicly denounce the recent aggression against our brothers and sisters, support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, by the members of the organization ORCAO (Regional Organization of Coffee Growers of Ocosingo) against the BAEZLN communities of San Jacinto, El Egipto, Kexil and El Rosario, in the Autonomous Municipality of San Manuel.

The members of ORCAO arrived on the 25th of July, armed to take the reclaimed land, firing into the air, building roofs and threatening the 3 BAEZLN communities. On July 30, they came to poison the collective livestock of the autonomous municipality and wounded a young bull. Following the harassment, the armed group returned on the 1st of August, to attack the BAEZLN village of El Egipto. The women and children had to withdraw to another Zapatista settlement to avoid having to face the group. About 5 days later, they returned to cut down a tree, firing into the air close to two Zapatista communities.

Finally, on the 14th of August, in the very early morning, ORCAO paramilitaries surrounded the town of San Jacinto and fired into the houses, awakening the sleeping BAEZLN compas who had to take refuge in the other Zapatista village leaving behind all their belongings.

We vigorously denounce this intense violation of human rights, harassment, persecution and repression, and we denounce the direct strategy of the bad government against the Zapatistas, to counter the new Zapatista initiatives proposed during the exchange between the Indigenous National Congress and the EZLN. As the HRC Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas stated, this is a war of counterinsurgency being pursued by the bad state and federal government and their business allies against the Zapatistas.

We are well aware of this strategy which affects several regions of Chiapas, and we also do not forget the attack on our sisters and brothers from La Realidad, the murder of our companero Galeano, and the destruction of the clinic and school of the community on May 2nd, perpetrated by paramilitaries from CIOAC-H.

That is a direct attack against Zapatista autonomy, as the Zapatistas are becoming stronger, we realise more and more that the construction of Zapatista autonomy, which is this other world that they are building, is working and walking. Likewise we also become stronger and more organised, and the plans of the bad government will not be enough to stop the progress of the Zapatistas.




Consejo Autónomo Regional de la Zona Costa de Chiapas
Frente Civico Tonalteco
Centro de Derechos Humanos Digna Ochoa AC
Colectivo de Mujeres "Tejiendo Resistencias en La Sexta"
Comunidad Autónoma Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, Puebla.
Sector de Trabajadores Adherentes a la Sexta
Colectivo Azcapotzalco adherente a la Sexta
Kolectivo de BoCa En BoCa
Pozol Kolectivo
Colectivo Radio Zapatista, Chiapas, México
Colectivo Votán Zapata
La Sexta del totonacapan
Colectivo Autónomo de Colaboración Social, Toluca, México
Biblioteca Popular

Asociacion Espoir Chiapas/ Esperanza Chiapas (Francia)
Comitato Chiapas "Maribel" – Bergamo (Italia)
ASSI (Acción Social Sindical Internacionalista
20zln – Milano – Italia
Groupe CafeZ, Liège Belgique
Casa Nicaragua", Liège, Belgique.
Associació Solidaria Cafè Rebeldía-Infoespai, Barcelona
Rl Centro de Documentación sobre Zapatismo -CEDOZ
Caracol Zaragoza
Gruppe B.A.S.T.A., Münster, Alemania
Alternative Libertaire (France)
UK Zapatista Solidarity Network:
Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group
Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group
Kiptik (Bristol)
London Mexico Solidarity Group
Manchester Zapatista Collective
UK Zapatista Translation Service
UK Zapatista Learning and Teaching Collective
Zapatista Solidarity Group – Essex
La Adhesiva, Barcelona.
CGT Estado Español
Union syndicale Solidaires, France
Fédération SUD éducation, France
Fédération anarchiste (France)
Comité Tierra Y Libertad, Lille France
Réseau Latino de Lille, France,
Caracol Solidario, Besançon, Francia
Associazione Ya Basta NordEst
asociación Mut Viyz 13 de Marseille, Francia
Les Grains de sable, Francia

Colectivo de la Red de Solidaridad con México
Chicago, Illinois, EEUU
Mexico Solidarity Network collective
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Counterinsurgency Continues to Operate in Chiapas

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Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Centre

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México

August 18, 2014


Counterinsurgency Continues to Operate in Chiapas




The federal and state governments have demonstrated their disdain towards the original peoples of Mexico from one presidential term to the next. In this phase of neoliberal capitalism their policy of dispossession for implementing projects that carry with them the disappearance of forms of social, political and cultural organization of communities and peoples, resistances that are the breath of human diversity. One example of this are the peoples organized in the National Indigenous Congress. (1)

Since the conception of neoliberalism, poverty is greater and a juicy business for governments and national and international investors. Poverty as State policy represents the pretext for exploitation and looting of the peoples. By means of the North American Free trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Mesoamerica Project (formerly the Plan Puebla-Panamá) and also the military and territorial control strategy through the Security Agenda Plan contemplated in the North American Security and Prosperity Alliance (NASPA), the governments of the Alliance (United States, Canada and Mexico) close the pincers.

In recent months, the unresolved Internal Armed Conflict in Chiapas has been characterized by continuous aggression towards the Bases of Support of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (BAEZLN, their initials in Spanish) with the actions of some regional social organizations at the service of the State that, since various years ago, are disputing recuperated lands. Several of these social organizations have impelled their leaders to become public officials and servants, in many cases betraying the principles from which they emerged, subjecting their plans for struggle to the government budgets and interests. In Chiapas, the integral war of wear and tear persists towards the peoples who struggle and resist, using media tactics that include the use of concepts of human rights, inter-cultural activities, collective rights of indigenous peoples and emptying them of content.

There is continuity in the state government’s posture in a public discourse about the recognition and respect for the autonomous communities, the Good Government Juntas and the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN), as a media action, in opposition to the absence of direct actions to change the situation of constant risk in which the Zapatista communities live, especially those displaced and threatened like San Marcos Aviles and Comandante Abel.

The Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Centre has made constant interventions before the gravity of attacks on BAEZLN and the response has been governmental parsimony and its inability to act. This attitude of indifference maintains and provokes conflicts that are called inter-community as a way of hiding the counterinsurgency. The objective is to generate fatigue among the population that resists, that struggles, that is transforming their reality from their culture and their rights.

The events that occurred in La Realidad on May 2 are evidence of the counterinsurgency in Chiapas: a strategy of provocation and repeated attack towards the EZLN and its Support Bases, with paramilitary actions like the murder of José Luis Solis López, Galeano, a teacher at the Zapatista Escuelita, with rage, by means of machetes, blows, firearms, including the coup de grace, and the destruction of the autonomous school and clinic.

The latest acts documented by this Center, about the attacks on the BAEZLN from the communities of Egipto and El Rosario (2) confirm the climate of constant aggression and provocation that operates behind each celebration of a space for dialogue and meeting, like the Sharing (Exchange) with the National Indigenous Congress on August 4-9 in La Realidad.

These acts represent a new attack on the project of Zapatista autonomy, with the pretension of eroding the construction of systemic change that they are impelling from below, walking projects of life from the community and the collectivity, from the concept of good living.

This Human Rights Centre keeps documentation of the attacks on the Zapatistas and the denunciation that corresponds to the human rights violations. We will continue accompanying the peoples that demand the rights that belong to them and that, due to hidden interests, seek to take them away. We repeat our call for national and international solidarity to show their support for the threatened BAEZLN. (3)

(1). Declaraciones del Congreso Nacional Indígena (CNI), available in Spanish here:

(2). Boletín de Prensa “Desplazamiento de Bases zapatistas ante riego de ataque”, available in Spanish here:

(3). Frayba Urgent Action “Amenazas de muerte, hostigamiento con arma de fuego, desplazamiento forzado y agresiones a Bases de Apoyo Zapatistas”, available in Spanish here:




Originally Published in Spanish by the

Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Centre

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Monday, August 18, 2014

With many thanks to our companera for her translation


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